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Tori Kelly – Language

Tori Kelly – Language

Tori Kelly shares her new single entitled Language. Available for download and streaming, the new song is off her forthcoming album Inspired by True Events. Due for release on August 9 it features singles, ‘Change Your Mind’, ‘Sorry Would Go a Long Way’ and ‘Language’.

It follows up her gospel and R&B crossover album ‘Hiding Place’ which won two Grammy Awards earlier this year for Best Gospel Album and Best Gospel Performance/Song for the song ‘Never Alone’.

“It’s definitely my most vulnerable album to date. It’s called Inspired by True Events, and I’m just kind of opening up about the last couple years [and] some of the things that have gone down in my personal life,” she said. “It’s just really, really personal songs. I poured my whole heart into it and I’m excited for people to hear.”

Tori Kelly said the record “goes pretty deep.” “A lot of it is centered around family. My grandpa passed away recently. My parents actually split up recently. A happier note, I got married recently,” she explained. “So there’s these kind of emotions that were swirling around in my head and in my heart, and I didn’t know what else to do with that other than to put that into my music, so that’s kind of how this album came to be.”

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Let me choose my words real carefully
Don’t let me be misunderstood
Cause I don’t wanna say something I don’t really mean
I just wanna love you love you love you real good

They always say, “Don’t go to bed angry”
So it’s been days since I got some sleep babe
I say I miss you, you take it as I’m tryna guilt you
Like I’m insecure, oh
This quiet game ain’t working out for me
Leave your pride, I’ll leave mine

Lord knows I need patience with ya
So I can explain this to ya
I’m tryna learn your language
I just wanna love you, love you, love you good
We got issues, so what
It’s gonna be worth it when it’s over
I’m tryna learn your language, suga
So I can love you, love you, love you good

Don’t hear me wrong
I know I ain’t perfect
And it won’t be long till my words cause you hurtin’
You bring up something I don’t remember saying
It’s like I’m twisting the knife
Please just hang on, I’m putting that work in
Leave your pride, I’ll leave mine

Let me choose my words carefully
So you can learn me too

Lord knows I need patience
Just wanna learn your language
Just wanna love you

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