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Samsung Finally Unveils The Samsung S9 and S9+

Samsung have released their new flagship phones S9 and S9+ On Sunday February 25th, Asian mobile phone giants Samsung announced the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. The overall design of the phone hasn’t changed much from the Galaxy S8, but the camera quality has improved

Apple May Seize Production Of The IPhone X

According to a tech expert, Apple may be ceasing production of their latest iPhone X model for a number of reasons. The main indicator is the poor sales numbers overseas, which is an important market for the California-based company. Customers in this very large and

Lamborghini Unveils First SUV In Their Brand's History

Lamborghini Unveils Their First SUV

Lamborghini unveils the brand’s first-ever SUV in Milan. According to Reuters, the Volkswagen-owned auto maker is doing its best to insert itself into what experts are calling a fast-growing market within the sector. Produced in Italy, Lamborghini believes this new vehicle could double its annual sales volumes, which

Twitter's 140 Character Limit Will Soon Be Gone For Good

Twitter’s 140 Character Limit Will Soon Be Gone For Good

According to Politico, Twitter is set to up its character limit to 280 words, from the previous 140. This new idea is a month in the making, as the social media platform tested the new layout to select users, for a chance to see if the strategy would


Google has rolled out new products at their showcase in San Francisco. The Google Clips is a hands-free camera that is capable of capturing photos and video of those “you had to be there” moments. Users only need to set the camera up on something

Apple Unveils iPhone 8, New Apple Watch & Apple TV (Details)

It’s another unveiling of Apple’s line of products, including the iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV. In Cupertino, CA, from inside Apple’s brand-new Steve Jobs Theater, fans and developers were given the first sneak peek at all three of those devices and more. Let’s start