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JSS3 Student From Ekiti Builds Rechargeable Lantern With Speakers, For Charging Phone

JSS3 Student From Ekiti Builds Rechargeable Lantern With Speakers, For Charging Phone
JSS3 Student From Ekiti Builds Rechargeable Lantern With Speakers, For Charging Phone

‘This is a student of Ajinare grammar school JSS 3, Oyedele Olalekan from ido-ile Ekiti in Ekiti-west LG of Ekiti state who built rechargeable Radio with 2 speakers, 4lamps,charging point for charging phones,all in a paint container.This project has been tested and confirmed, He has produced up to four of this type which has been sold to people’

The photo was shared on Facebook 

And positive comments came flooding in


TechNews: 13-Year-Old Nigerian Boy Builds Fan That Last Up To 19 Hours Without Electricity

13-Year-Old Nigerian Boy Builds Fan That Last Up To 19 Hours Without Electricity
13-Year-Old Nigerian Boy Builds Fan That Last Up To 19 Hours Without Electricity

A 13 year-old Ukoma Michael from Nigeria is one of the youngest and best upcoming tech entrepreneurs in the world. He invented a battery-operated fan that will last for up to 19 hours. He calls them “Blue Wind Fans,” and they come in different shapes and sizes from table top to free standing. Once the fans are charged, they can run for up to 19 hours!

How he does it

Michael makes his fans from aluminum and wire, and uses old cartons for packaging. This makes them very affordable for low income families, but the fans are presentable and modern looking, blue with a high-tech appearance. As a young entrepreneur, Michael has more plans in his future; he wants to eventually manufactor not just fans, but also engine parts, and aircrafts.

A new trend in Africa

Michael represents a growing trend in countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and South Africa where schools are increasingly becoming dedicated to encouraging youths to develop exceptional solutions to the country’s problems.

Young tech entrepreneurs like Michael are not disappointing the schools or their communities as they develop innovative products that will not only improve lives, but also have huge potential for commercialization as Africa continues to develop.

Click here Find out more details about his products 


Kanye West Only One Video Game

Kanye West is taking over the gaming world.

The trailer for his “Only One” video game, which he previewed at the Yeezy Season 3 show in February, made its official debut at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles on Monday (Jun. 13).

Back in February, Mr. West explained the game’s inspiration. “The idea of the game is my mom traveling through the gates of heaven,” he said, referencing his late mother, Donda West. “I just wanna bring as much beauty to the world as possible.”

It’s unclear where “Only One” will land and its release date has yet to be announced.

Donda West died in 2007 after complications stemming from a plastic surgery procedure. She was 58.

FIFA 17: New gameplay trailer, images and more revealed at EA Play

Fifa 17 Gameplay Trailer

FIFA 17 has finally been revealed and with it masses of changes to the game which we hope will translate to a far superior experience when game hits shops later this year.

We’d already learned that the game was transitioning to the Frostbite engine used by so many of EA’s games, but finally we can see the authentic true-to-life action thanks to a new gameplay trailer and several screenshots.

There’s also been plenty of gameplay advances, including everything from new run types, more skill moves, new tackles and also 3x the amount of animations previously available in FIFA 16 – to name but a few of the new features.
However the biggest overhaul will be felt in the games set pieces, which now includes a new system for taking corners which removes the hit and hope feel of the last game.

In addition, Penalties have been overhauled, allowing you to run at the ball from different angles and adjust the speed at which you run in.

But if that wasn’t enough you can also move along the touchline when taking a throw in and even fake a throw to fool your opponent.

However, the biggest change to the game undoubtedly comes from the new career mode called ‘The Journey’.

Within this new addition to FIFA 17, you’ll play as Alex Hunter, an up and coming new star in the Premier League who comes from a long line of footballers.

The immersive experience, takes players for the first time to the back of stadia and into the dressing rooms, tunnels and even Alex Hunters childhood home.

Essentially the game lets you pick a club from Prem and start your career. You’ll be given objectives in the match and you can see your rating during your match to show how well you’re playing.

Watch a clip of the gameplay below

275 Million Android Phones Exposed to New Hack, Security Firm Says


If you use a phone with Android operating system, you should think twice before visiting any fishy-looking websites. Even if they promise just cute kitten videos.

Some 275 million Android phones are vulnerable to an attack that uses infected online video files to spy on the devices, according to a research paper by cyber security firm NorthBit.

 The attack works on Android versions 2.2 ­to 4.0 and 5.0 to 5.1.
The attack works on Android versions 2.2 ­to 4.0 and 5.0 to 5.1, according to

As seen in the video NorthBit provided, all the user has to do is visit a website that contains an infected video file, although the victim “has to linger for a time in the attack web page,” the paper reads. That time can be up to two minutes, but it can also be just a few seconds.

Video : Everton vs Chelsea 3-1 Highlights and Goals (Premier League 2015)


Chelsea’s woes continue at Goodison Park, as a Steven Naismith hat-trick does the damage for Everton. Everton were superb from back to front – Stones and Jagielka dealt with a raging Costa with ease, and the Chelsea midfield rarely wrested control from Barry and McCarthy. Jose Mourinho’s side are a mess, not that he’ll admit it to the TV cameras here, and they don’t have much time to find a solution before the pacesetters disappear over the horizon


Everton vs Chelsea 3-1 All Goals first half (Premier League 2015)

FIFA 16 Console Game Set To Include Women’s Football for the first time ever


The next edition of the popular FIFA console game franchise will feature women’s football for the first time ever.

FIFA 16 will include 12 international all-female teams including England, Brazil, Spain, Germany and Canada.

Until now only men’s teams have featured on the popular EA Sports game, which was first released in

In future years the women’s teams of Premier League sides could also be included, if the new addition is a success.

The game will be released in late summer.

For all you game addicts, get set for some extraordinary!!

Source Sky Sports

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‘BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT’ #PS4 Exclusive Content #Trailer


This trailer released by Sony teases the exclusive content of the game on PS4.

Batman: Arkham Knight is the final part in Rocksteady’s Arkham– trilogy.

The game will release on June 23 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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Shock-resistant Samsung Galaxy S5 Active now available through AT&T



Water-resistance was a welcomed addition on Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 smartphone but for the most active among us, they could have taken it a step further. Fortunately, AT&T is now offering a more rugged version of the flagship for that demographic aptly named the Galaxy S5 Active.

Internally, the phone is virtually identical to the original with a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display, quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 SoC operating at 2.5GHz, 2GB of RAM, a 16-megapixel camera and so on.

In addition to the IP67 water- and dustproof rating, the Active meets US Mil-STD 810G for shock, temperature, humidity, rain and altitude.

As you’d expect with the addition of shock protection, the chassis is a bit beefier. There’s also a new button on the side of the phone, something Samsung calls the convenience key. This button is used to give you quick access to the handset’s apps relating to outdoor activity.

There are some sacrifices that had to be made, however. Most notably, the built-in fingerprint sensor has been eliminated. That may not be too big of a hit considering how stubborn it is to operate. In our recent review, we found the feature to be both frustrating and cumbersome.

The Galaxy S5 Active is available in camo green, titanium gray and ruby red as of writing through AT&T. Pricing is set at $199 with a standard two-year service agreement or $714.99 sans contract. The phone is also eligible for AT&T’s Next installment plan over the course of 12 or 18 months. If you go that route, expect to pay an additional $35.75 each month with the 12-month plan or $27.50 every billing cycle if stretched over 18 months.