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Apple’s next product: Hololens-style Smart Glasses

See Apple’s next product: Hololens-style Smart Glasses. Smartphone giants Apple are prepping a new line of product to hit stores soon. Apple is working on a pair of augmented reality glasses, according to the latest reports. An employee at famous German lens maker Carl Zeiss confirmed the partnership at last […]

Sony Officially Confirms PlayStation 4 Follow Up System

The PlayStation 4 has been on the market for 5 years now. In terms of technology, that’s a lifetime. As expected, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have all been rumored to be working on new gaming systems. The battle for dominance in the next-generation of gaming consoles has already begun behind […]


SEE APPLE’s NEW IPHONE XS MAX $1099 AND A BUDGET BASE MODEL $749 Apple Iphone fans around the world waiting patiently today for the unveling of the new Iphone Xs Max which will retail for $1099 and a budget base model which will sell for $749. Apple will take preorders […]

Fifa 19 New Trailer Unleashed

EA Sports Unveils FIFA 19’s New Video Game Trailer. EA Sports revealed a new trailer for FIFA 19. In the video, the company showcased the game’s Active Touch system which promises to revolutionize what you can do with the ball at your feet and open up areas of gameplay that […]

EU Slams Google $5.1 Billion Fine in Android Antitrust Ruling

EU Slams Google $5.1 Billion Fine in Android Antitrust Ruling. The European Union has fined Google for $5.1 billion, saying the online giant had been abusing its power in the smartphone market. It was the latest move by European antitrust officials to reduce the market influence of U.S. technology powerhouses. […]

Tesla Model 3 Electric Car Can Park Itself Without A Driver

Tesla Model 3 Electric Car Can Park Itself Without Driver. Tesla’s Model 3 electric car can now park itself after the self-parking Summon feature was released through over-the-air update to the all-electric car last week. See how it works on Model S The Summon feature which was already available in […]

Instagram Introduces IGTv; Users Can Now Upload Videos Up To An Hour

Instagram Users now have the ability to Upload and watch vertical videos that are up to an hour long. The Facebook-owned image sharing company on Wednesday officially launched the new long-form video portal called IGTV, marking one of the biggest shifts in the app’s history. The new app will feature […]

Here’s how to stream the 2018 World Cup online…for free

It’s the single biggest sporting event in the world and it only happens once every four years. After Germany’s epic victory in the 2014 Games, viewers around the globe are eager to see what’s in store this time around. If you don’t have cable, this guide will show you where […]

Apple Launches New Controls for Limiting Time Spent on Devices

Apple on Monday (June 4) previewed new controls for limiting how much time customers spend on their devices as the company tackles criticism that its devices are becoming increasingly addictive and distracting. The controls allow users to set “Do Not Disturb” modes on their phones, such as at night or […]


SAMSUNG has Unveiled it’s latest flagship phone, the new Galaxy Note 9 and has been presumed to be IPHONE X KILLER The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been rumoured to be “crown” king of the smartphones in 2018, has leaked with some lofty specs befitting of phone royalty indeed. The […]