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Dj Obi – talks about everyone jumping on the Afrobeats train & artists needs to protect their music

Dj Obi – talks about everyone jumping on the Afrobeats train & artists needs to protect their music
Dj Obi – talks about everyone jumping on the Afrobeats train & artists needs to protect their music

Factory78 was thrilled to have superstar DJ OBI – multi brand ambassador and one of Africa’s most popular, respected and stylish club DJs in Nigeria & Africa – stop by for an insightful chat during his visit to London.

Currently the Guinness World Book of Records holder for playing the longest DJ set in the world, he reveals the challenges and secret of being able to play for 10 days straight – including bathroom breaks of course!

He also talks about everyone jumping on the Afrobeats train, artists needing to protect their music + calls upon youths to impact the Nigerian 2019 election.

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Praiz Talks About Controversy Surrounding New Single “Folasade”

Praiz Talks About Controversy Surrounding New Single “Folasade”
Praiz Talks About Controversy Surrounding New Single “Folasade”

MTN / UN Peace / Big Church Foundation Ambassador and Multiple Award winning R&B artist PRAIZ aka “Mr Rich and Famous” is currently in the UK on a press tour after a brief hiatus.

Speaking exclusively to Factory78 about the controversary surrounding new single “Folasade”, the need for Africans to talk openly about depression, Dbanj + Don Jazzy and much more.

If I Release All Songs I Have Recorded, They Would Scatter The Whole Place – Olamide



One will agree with the Orobo crooner who has been consistent enough to release an album every year from Rapsodi (2011) to YBNL (2012), Baddest Guy Ever Liveth (2013), Street OT (2014), 2 Kings with Phyno (2015) & Eyan Mayweather (2015), The Glory (2016).

However, in an interview with Sunday Scoop, Olamide says he laughs when he hears people say that he would run out of music.

In his words; Whenever people say things like that, I just laugh. Talent comes from God and if you have it, then you have it. Even as I’m chatting with you, I can get inspiration for a song and I would immediately note it in my mind. As long as life exists and things happen on earth, I will always have the inspiration to sing. Music is life and life is music. If I were to release all the songs I have ever recorded, they would scatter the whole place. I work in the studio everyday and there are many songs I have recorded that I am yet to release as singles or in albums.

Relevance remains key in the industry and Baddo Sneh has decided to share what keeps him pretty much relevant;

Most importantly the grace of God that has kept me. I don’t do this by my power or might. I also go with the flow and keep my ears on the ground. I know about the new slangs that are spoken on the streets and sometimes, I turn them into songs, which resonate with people because they can identify with the content of the song.

Recently, Olamide revealed that alternate singer, Adekunle Gold is no longer a member of his YBNL record label.

I Love Looking At The Female Bum Bum, It’s Inspiring – Timaya


Timaya is an established music hit-maker with many songs to his name.
The singer unequivocally spoke to Sunday Scoop about his love for the woman’s bum and how much it has inspired his music.
“I love the human backside because it is very beautiful and just by staring at it, I get ideas for songs. And that is how songs like Ukwu and Shake Your Bum, came about. However, I also sing about many other things so it is balanced. A lot of people are hypocritical because songs about bums usually have the highest downloads but people would come out to criticise them. So who is downloading them? I have learnt that you can never please everybody and I don’t waste my time trying to do that. I stay true to myself, and if you’re cool with it, it’s okay. And if you’re not down with it, that’s also okay. Life goes on,” he said.
Timaya did not fail to gush about his daughters which he mentioned changed a lot about him.
“I did not know I could love anyone the way I love my children. I have a very wonderful relationship with my daughters and I relate with them a lot so they also see me as a friend.”

2Face Is Bribing All Media Houses…I Taught Him All He Knows – Blackface

2Face Is Bribing All Media Houses…I Taught Him All He Knows – Blackface
2Face Is Bribing All Media Houses…I Taught Him All He Knows – Blackface

The bad blood between Blackface and 2Face now 2Baba thickens without any hope settlement. Blackface has once again fired shots at 2Face and called him names in his new interview with NET NG.
On 2face stealing his song, Blackface said:
Efe Omorogbe claims to be a writer in that song. How can Omorogbe say he wrote my song when I was in Plantashun Boiz. Where did Efe Omorogbe come from? Where was he when I started my career?
On why it is taking him so long to take legal actions against 2face:
The court has already served him the documents. You should be at the court hearing in a few weeks don’t worry.


On being jealous of 2face:
Why would I be jealous of 2Face? I have made so many artistes famous, for instance, I made Roc Steady and Mallam Spicy famous, they are making money and are famous, so why would I be jealous. I have worked with people like Weird MC as well.
So what are they saying? At that time, only 2Face knew my song, if he wanted to use my song, he should have just said, I want to record the song, and when he went on TV and was asked about me, he said he doesn’t want to talk about Blackface because he has something to hide.

They are trying to seek public sympathy by posting the letter online.

Blackface says he doesn’t see any reason why the interview should be posted online.
This is what I have been saying but all they are just trying to do is hide it, and then they are trying to seek public sympathy by posting a letter which they are meant to show in court in the papers, you are posting it on social media, but I don’t care and I know that people are going to say shit about me but I don’t care.
2Face and his people are paying media owners to sabotage him
They pay those creepy agents to write shit about me, If I have a war with 2face, It should not affect people on radio playing my music, because when I put out my last video, I went to promote it on radio but when I was having the interview, they came and disrupted the interview because they had gone round to copy my video (where they featured Phyno), yes they copied my concept.
They also went round during their tour and were telling people not to play my music, that is why they call themselves bad sharp guy or very good bad guys, tell them I said they are not sharp enough, they don’t know nothing yet.
2Face has bought the media over
2Face has not bought you guys over but he may have bought your boss over.
I don’t care because I know most of you media Personalities are creepy agents. Especially people that work on the radio. You guys should be asking 2Face and Efe if I gave them the right to call my song his own, but unfortunately, 2Face took my song and his manager decided that they should put his name on the song as the writer.
And when I confronted them about it, they put up a story saying my account was hacked.
On teaching 2Face how to make music.
I taught him how to make a whole lot of music because when I met him, nobody knew who he was, so I taught him what he had to do, but I never envisaged that he will turn out to be a backstabber.
I’ve struggled with him longer than his manager. Only for him to use his manager against me? But when he doesn’t know who this guy is, or know who taught him how to make music, then it says a lot.
He hopes the judiciary will take necessary actions
Where I am from, we don’t measure the love we give out, but if 2Face thinks he is too smart or he is a bad sharp guy, you can take someone’s music and nobody will do anything, but we are in Nigeria, let us see if the judiciary will uphold the law.

“Kilamity” Was Created By Me, I Didn’t Steal It From Barz – Sugar Boy

“Kilamity” Was Created By Me, I Didn’t Steal It From Barz – Sugar Boy
“Kilamity” Was Created By Me, I Didn’t Steal It From Barz – Sugar Boy
Dancehall singer signed to G-worldwide debunks claims he stole “Kilamity”.

A few weeks back precisely in March, Sugar Boy was accused of song theft by an upcoming artiste, Barz.

Now Sugar Boy who launched his debut album “Believe” in April has come out to set the record straight. The singer gave an insight into the matter in a chat with Planetradio TV.

Sugar Boy maintained firmly that he created “Kilamity”, the sound, vibe and that he did not steal it from Barz. He however said what happened to Barz is Karma, because Barz went ahead to record a verse on the song without his knowledge.

Watch the video below 

I didn't steal 'Kilamity' from Barz Sugarboy speaks On song theft accusation

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Barz called out Sugar Boy over the album, claiming that he stole his song, ‘Kilamiti,’ which is featured on his album.
According to Barz, the G-Worldwide act was around as a friend while he made the song ‘Kilamiti’ in 2016, only for Sugar Boy to steal the song from him.
Barz said, “I have known Sugarboy for almost six years. He was always the happy go lucky type, upbeat and seemingly content. We had good times in the past. Honestly, I’m quite shocked. This same person used to mentor me in a sense back in the day. He produced the first official song I ever released under a record label, ‘Morenike’ featuring Chuddy K.
“When I was in school, we were always in touch and he used to send me beats regularly to see if I’d like anyone of them and pick to do a song. Sometimes he would freestyle on them to give some sort of insight as to what he was thinking when he made the beat, so for him coming over to my present studio and free styling was business as usual.
“This comes as a shocker. He was fully aware of the progress of the song; he came over to the house a couple of times and listened to the finished work. He loved it! He was fully aware of its release as a single and also the release of the video last year and gave his consent.

“You don’t just feel you can do something with a song you made with someone and go ahead to drop the exact same thing without reaching out to the person even once.
“Nothing is right about it! The song was released June 2016 and it was met with rave reviews from the fans.”

How I Made It To Semifinals In Norway’s Got Talent – AppyDay

How I Made It To Semifinals In Norway's Got Talent - AppyDay
How I Made It To Semifinals In Norway’s Got Talent – AppyDay
The Nigerian born Top contender in Norway’s Got Talent has assured all Nigerians that he will put up an incredible show come Friday the 12th of May in the Semifinals of Norway’s Got Talent ( Norske Talenter). Appyday has disclosed to our source that he has been working very hard with his team in preparation for his next appearance in the Show. He promised that he will do his best and hopes that all Nigerians will vote for him so that he can get to the Finals. Unlike some other contestants in the Show, Appyday prefers to make original songs for each of his Performances instead of using songs from other known musicians. Our sources reveal that Appyday who loves children a lot will be performing a new song which he wrote for his son Elliot at the Semifinals. The song is titled “I Love My Baby”. And it presents a parent’s sacrificial love for own child. Appyday will be performing with over 10 children this time.
Our source recently got an interview with Appyday just a few minutes after one of his rehearsals sessions in preparation for his upcoming performance in the Semifinals on Friday May 12. Below is the interview:
1.       Tell us about yourself:
I am a singer and song writer. Was born in Nigeria but I moved to Norway after my studies in Nigeria. I have B.A Hons in Theatre Arts from Unilag as well as a PGD in Mass Communications also from Unilag. I am from Anambra State, and I grew up in a Godly Home. I have 5 Sisters and 2 brothers. They all live Happily in Nigeria. I am the only one that chose to live abroad.
How I Made It To Semifinals In Norway's Got Talent - AppyDay
How I Made It To Semifinals In Norway’s Got Talent – AppyDay
2.       What were you up to before relocating to Norway?
Before I came to Norway I was an actor with Nollywood. I actually started acting while I was still in the University. The first production I was part of was the soap Opera “After The Storm “that was airing then on NTA network. I played an extra role in it and was paid 300 naira then. After that, I Miraculously got the lead role “Ogaga” in another soap opera “Royal Tears”. It was my Role in Royal Tears that got me some popularity back then. I featured in many other movies before I decided to start producing. I also founded Excellency Nigeria Children’s Theatre. I love children so much. It was a theatre house where I trained children in Drama and Music.
3.       Before you left Nigeria you were known in the Nollywood circle as Ogaga, and your artist  name as a gospel artist was “Emeka Thunder” following the success of your hit praise medly “Praise Thunder”. However, in Norway you are known as Appyday. Why the change of artist name?
How I Made It To Semifinals In Norway's Got Talent - AppyDay
How I Made It To Semifinals In Norway’s Got Talent – AppyDay
I started again from the scratch, so it was necessary to rebrand. Moreover, in Nigeria I was a gospel artist but here I make world music. When I changed my music , I thought it best to also change my artist name. I chose the name “Appyday ”after rising from the many challenges I encountered here when I came newly. I want to be happy rest of my life and I wish my fans the same.
4.       Music is said to be universal, but checks showed you put your music on hold for sometime upon your arrival in Norway. Was it deliberate and why?
I couldn’t help it. It was en entirely new environment for me. I had no network or contacts, and no Job. The language was different. I had to start a language school to learn the language. Also the people around me did not believe in my talent. I knew I could earn a living from my music but I did not get any meaningful support from anyone, so I had to put my music on hold.
5.       What were the challenges you encountered trying to push your music in Norway?
My one greatest challenge was the people around me. Like I said earlier, they devalued my talent. To them I was wasting my time doing music and so they tried different ways to stop me. It was very frustrating but I kept my dream alive within me. I knew that music will save me one day. All those years I spent not making music were dark years of my life, but I also learnt how to survive on my own in my new society without the help of anyone. I can boldly say that my Rise today and the opportunities I have came from God and God alone, including Norway’s Got Talent.
6.       What brand of music do you play and how acceptable is your music in Norway now.
I make more than Music. For me, it is all about Ideas. Therefore, I make Ideas or you can call it concepts and from that, I make my Music.
“Grow Old With You” came from the idea that people should pay more attention to making there relationships and marriages last for their lifetimes rather than quitting easily on their partners, except in situations where it cannot be helped.
“Okro Soup” came from the Idea that no matter what part of the globe life takes us, we will still miss a part of our home.
“I love my baby” expresses the sacrifice that comes with parenting. Most parents are willing to make big sacrifices for their kids.
But usually, my genre is Dancehall and afrobeat. Right now my music is gaining wide acceptance in Norway. They love my beat and energy. People here want to be happy and entertained and I give them just that. They all love my HAPPY music.
7.       What are your plans for the prize money if you eventually win the $60,000?
I love kids a lot so my life dream is to help less privileged kids. I want to give abandoned and unwanted kids a good life. I will grow old seeing the many children I have given a life. This is my life Dream, and I want to use the prize money on this project.
I am calling on all Nigerians to vote for me on Friday May 12 . You can vote by going to the site . And voting must be from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. you can find instruction about how to vote on my facebook page .
Meanwhile, you can follow Appyday on Instagram, twitter and facebook @iamappyday
You can also download Appyday’s “Okro soup” on MTN ring tone, simply text 1768182 to 4100. Costs just N20 for one week or 0768182 to 4100, costs N50 for 1 month.


Watch: Wizkid Talk International Stardom With DJ Semtex | Nation Of Billions

Watch: Wizkid Talk International Stardom With DJ Semtex | Nation Of Billions
Watch: Wizkid Talk International Stardom With DJ Semtex | Nation Of Billions
Nigerian music star Wizkid gets another opportunity to sell African music to the world as he is interviewed by DJ Semtex of Nation of Billions.
This is the next in his series of interviews he has done so far from Channel24 to Apple’s Beats.

“This is for the world, I’m not joking. This isn’t just for Africa, it’s bigger than that”

Wizkid talks to DJ Semtexabout his start as a starboy; his rise to a young boss and evolution to a young father; those collaborations with Skepta & Drake and taking One Dance to global stage”

Watch the interview below 

I Was Hungry, Mad And Asking Myself What I Was Doing Here – Asa

Success is never easy to attain and that was the case of multi-talented singer, songwriter, and recording act, Asa.
The Jailer singer had revealed the struggles she encountered just to land her first audition in France.
In a just concluded concert which took place on Saturday night at EKO Hotel & Suites, Lagos, Asa granted an interview where she narrates her story.
In her words; When I first got to France, I used to sing and play my guitar at bars. One day, someone walked up to me and told me about a band that had just won a Grammy saying I could audition.
So I went there, got there on time (that is a problem for me) in the cold. I had just come from Lagos without warm clothes.


I got there and they told me to wait that they were rehearsing for their show and I waited 10 hours.
I was hungry, mad and was asking myself what are you doing here, why don’t you just leave. They had finished and they were packing up and someone remembered that I was outside.
I was invited to sing and I put all that emotion, all the sadness, pain and anger in the song. On the day of their show, they gave me two minutes to perform, I got signed and my first album was released.
If I had left that day, I don’t know what would have happened.



Afropop superstar and expectant dad Davido is arguably one of the most controversial Nigerian artistes. He literally makes headlines with very little effort.

David Adeleke aka OBO (omo baba plowing), says he is not arrogant. He thinks his public image has been hugely misconstrued, and hence interpreted as being arrogant.

The ‘If’ crooner in an interview says he is very ‘normal’. Davido also mentioned that even though he is not from the hood, he very down to earth and simple.

However, the DMW boss, Davido who is a ‘rich kid’ is of the opinion that if his critics were in his shoes they would go crazy. ‘If them get wetin I get them go craze’ he said this in a chat with PlanetTV crew.
Hear him talk in the clip below.