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What’s your ultimate goal as a musician?  To be ‘rich and famous’… to sell out Shows… to be a household name… or simply to make a living doing the thing you love most? House of Ace provides music marketing for music artists at every level and aspect of their career. Our services range from online to traditional music promotion with strategies to boost music brands and create a fanbase/awareness for all our clients.

House of ACE specializes itself in the online promotional aspect of upcoming urban releases. We are committed and designed for the talented and artistic underdog artist and producers.

Whatever your dream, there’s one critical factor that will mean the difference between forever being an ’emerging musician’ and becoming an established artist… your fans!

Our marketing campaigns and music promotion services use strategic methods which are set in place to effectively maximize exposure, build brand awareness, as well as creating a grassroots movement.


Music marketing (in the first instance) is about attracting new fans. It’s about using the right tactics to reach as many of the people most likely to love your sound as possible and introducing them to your music. Then it’s about getting the converts to spread the word on your behalf.


Marketing is the key ingredient in ensuring that your music doesn’t go unheard, that there’s a real buzz building around you and that all your hard work isn’t for nothing.


That’s what music marketing is… and that’s the magic in which House Of ACE specialises!




Introductory meeting

Logo Design

Press Kit and Bio


Image and Style review

Professional photo shoot

Social Media design and development



Strategic Marketing Plan



A video shoot

A PR and publicity campaign

Radio plugging

Street marketing or

Ongoing fanbase management

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  1. My real names are Maxwell Orji
    I have that song that even a professional producer will wanna record me for free!!!that’s to say my vocals are ok,my songs are well in vogue,please House of Ace I have just 10k help me,and u will be glad u did.thanks…. #maxy

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