Why The Music Business is Not A Poor Mans Game?


logo.pngFirst things first unless you are doing music as a hobby this is a business and record labels are not searching for talent they are searching for musicians with an established brand. When we say established brand we mean musicians that are already charting on itunes, already charting on national radio, already getting booked for paid shows,already dominating blogs or already dominating youtube.

As stated this is a business and from the business view of things it makes more sense for any business to invest into a brand that’s already is making money opposed to one that’s not making money even if the brand making money is less talented its less of a risk. See what musicians have to realize the label isn’t gonna do all the work for you even when you are signed with them that’s why the hardest working musicians in the world make it in this industry not the most talented the hardest workers. I know a lot musicians will hate on a less talented artist for making it,i use to do the same thing but when someone invested more money and put in more work then you the only one you should be hating on is yourself can’t hate another person for working harder then you.

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When someone works hard to get some where in life you can hate all you want but you can’t take it away from them.With all that said this is a very expensive business to break into and you can record a million songs and a thousand videos it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have or invest an actual marketing budget into promoting your brand using the most significant forms of marketing and promotions for musicians today. If you are a musician and you are not working radio or performing regularly then your just not working hard enough to make it in this industry yet and unless your the next J.Cole no one gets signed off of talent alone anymore. Talent does not and should dictate you making it in the music industry.

The music business is like the only business in the world where a person thinks they should get the position with the smallest resume.I never heard of a job or business that hires the person with the least amount of experience that’s like unheard of so why would you sign an unsigned artist with less accomplishments then another.I understand a lot of musicians don’t have a lot of money but that’s why the business world invented some people a while back called sponsors or investors and if you don’t reach out to one single person about sponsorship or investing that how can you even have a chance to secure it and sitting around waiting for it to fall in your lap its just wishful thinking.

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I wake up every morning and read the same quote from W.J. Bryan Destiny is no matter of chance its a matter of choice , most musicians are waiting on a opportunity or chance , you have create opportunity or you won’t even have a chance and to create that opportunity you have to have a marketing budget in place.So secure a loan, talk to investors, secure sponsorships or have a very great paying job cause this is a expensive business to break into and its not a poor man’s game.


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