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4 Things Upcoming Musicians Can Learn From Beyonce

Beyonce is always on the next level. Her fans lovingly call her “Queen B,” and many people think of her as “flawless.” However, Beyonce’s fame is certainly not unattainable, and here are four ways that you can reach her level of success! 1. Surprise your


5 Unconventional Ways The Weeknd Got Famous

The Weeknd is one of many major musicians who have gained a huge following through YouTube. His method of releasing music is different than that of most aspiring artists. By exposing himself to the world in an edgy and captivating way, he challenges the mainstream


How To Pick A Good Artiste Name.

There are music acts whose names are as famous as the stars themselves are: Wizkid, Davido, and many others. These users managed to pick the sort of name that sticks in listeners’ heads. Here are the do’s and don’ts of picking a good Artist’s name.


Why Every Musician Should Do Cover Songs

Every singer, Rapper, drummer, and guitarist – even if they now write their own songs – started out playing music written by others. Rather than practicing them in private, why not post yours on online? Here’s why every music artist should cover songs – and


4 Ways To Boost Your Music Career

The music business is ever-evolving. New and emerging trends are constantly shaping the future of the music industry. Therefore, musicians must understand and master the changes in the business to have a thriving career. Below are four biggest trends in the music business, you need


Why The Music Business is Not A Poor Mans Game?

First things first unless you are doing music as a hobby this is a business and record labels are not searching for talent they are searching for musicians with an established brand. When we say established brand we mean musicians that are already charting on


How to be popular as a musician

As a musician, are you interacting with fans? Are you involved in gigs in and around your community.  Are you a proud member of a societal movement in your area. How do you give back to your environment. Theae things can build character and fambase


(A must Read) Career Advise To Upcoming Music Acts

Every day, I get questions on how artistes can become big in the music industry. In Nigeria, the term is referred to as “Blowing”. Here is my response. Start by generating a big local following and proving that people actually like you and your songs.


How To Make Money From Your Music

Have you always wanted to pay your bills from music? You can definitely do it. Here are tips on how to do it: Have Multiple Streams Many musicians get into music looking for “a job.” Most of the musicians join themusic industry planning to make