How To Promote Your Music Using Social Media In 2021

How To promote Music Using Social media in 2021

How To promote Music Using Social media in 2021

Are you wondering about how to promote your music using social media in 2021. In this article we will be talking specifically on that and what platforms would be best for your marketing campaigns.

Hi guys!!! It has been a long year of twists and turns since 2020, the year of lockdowns and face-masks. Finally easing has truly become a thing we can all say is happening across the globe. Many music artists and labels are definitely looking into the future of fans returning to for concerts and touring resumption.

With all of these expectations and potential for the months to come, it is only right to consider the ways to promote music in 2021. Especially if you are an independent artist. Making music is one thing. Promoting it and getting across to listeners is another. This is why there are so many guides as to how to be successful with the art of getting your music out there.

Trust me, it can be a challenge as there are so many ways to run a campaign for an album, single or even a music video. The best and most cost-effective way to push a campaign can also be greatly affected by your budget. This factor is also one that can make or break a marketing campaign for your next release.

Now during the Covid lockdown, a lot of artists and record companies took the opportunities given to them to promote out their catalogues and entertain music lovers who had to stay home for the major part of the year. Social media became the go-to for entertainment, music and general recreation. If you did not take advantage of the period then i must say you did miss out on building a fan-base or an audience.

One thing is clear, to grow as a music artist in today’s world, you have to take advantage of any and every opportunity to reach more people. Just like seasons, music lovers look for the latest trends and new styles of music that they are not yet introduced to. music discovery became paramount and gave rise to playlisting as a thing. A lot of music lovers including us here at HouseOFAce usually looked to discover new music from playlists.

The only thing that didn’t really sit well with us was the constant repetitions of the most popular artists and songs on multiple playlists. Music discovery is something that is still developing as most music platforms use algorithms to tag songs that you might like because of songs that you have liked. the tendencies are usually off more often than not.

With all these things discussed and out of the way, many of you reading to this point would be wondering how to promote their music in 2021 effectively with a budget that would bring the most listeners and audience to your craft.

Well here is How To Promote Your Music Using Social Media In 2021:

Social media is where most of the magic happens. today we can see that Apple Music and Spotify are building a community on their networks. I have read on how Boomplay connects music artists thus bridging the gap for collaborations and genre fusing. Music is a language and social media is key to passing your message across.

The problem most music artists have is trying to push their music/releases on all the platforms at once. this can be draining and tedious as each platform has its own dynamics. If you do not have a team of social media handlers who can support the propagation of your music through these different platforms, i suggest you stick with one or two. Grow a following on one platform and when you are big enough, encourage your followers to check you out on the other platforms.

Example: You build your followers on Facebook and gradually make them see that you are also active on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and the likes by sharing links to your content on those platforms. Remember that these platforms have their different demographics so you would have to post things that would easily catch the attention of people that may like what you are doing as a music artist.

Our recommendation is Facebook because it comes with the ability to run ads that help you build a following/followers. A Facebook page has so many utilities that are available at your disposal. You can schedule posts and go live. Post all sorts of content and Interaction with your fans on an almost constant basis is easy to navigate. it is also the social media platform that many of you would be already used to and so to your potential fan-base.

Promoting in Facebook is fairly easy as you can with the click of a few buttons get ads rolling. These ads can hep you reach out to a whole lot of people. Be mindful in targeting a small age group with lots of interest as this is from experience not the best approach. Being too specific will only push your Facebook ads to only those in that demographic.

Ensure you start your campaigns with budgets that you can afford and grow gradually with your spending. There is a lot to learn when promoting music on Facebook. In fact it is a learning curve that never stops so be prepared.

Like i said, focus all your efforts on Facebook. Run most of your promotions on your Facebook page. If you are uploading music videos to Facebook, promote them there. It is better to have all your fans concentrated on one platform as it is easier to stay in the know of how your music is performing.

As for singles, you can also promote them on your Facebook page. If your music is not on Apple Music or Spotify, you should have them uploaded to those music platforms. There are a lot of music distribution companies like Tunecore, Distrokid, Bandcamp that can do this for you. As soon as your music is live at these digital streaming platforms, you get links to your music and with these links you can share your music to your followers on your Facebook page.

Be creative with your posts as the more eye catching the post, the better the chances of your followers paying your music the attention it deserves. It is also important to connect to social topics. Please stick to the ones that promote positivity and also be a source of inspiration to fans. This is where the followership truly starts.

Running or doing everything on Facebook does not mean you can not be active on other platforms. You can set up your Facebook page to crosspost to other platforms like your Instagram and Twitter. This is huge as it will save you the time to go on each platform to post almost the same thing over and over again. Be careful with this feature as some posts may not come out as expected so from time to time, do check out how your other pages are doing in terms of post activity.

Having thousands of followers on your Facebook page will create a big audience for your music. if Instagram, Twiiter, TikTok works for you, stick with one but apply the same ideas discussed into growing your fanbase.

We shall be publishing on How To Promote Your Music Using Social Media In 2021 in subsequent posts so stay bookmark our website for more.

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