Offset & Travis Scott – Say My Grace (download)

Offset & Travis Scott - Say My Grace (download)

Offset & Travis Scott - Say My Grace (download)
Here is Offset & Travis Scott – Say My Grace (download). The song released with streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the hip-hop music acts.

This song, off Offset’s album Set It Off had been teased numerous times before. Accompanying the audio, they decide to release a music video for the song.

Offset talks about numerous deaths that have happened throughout his lifetime, and how they have affected him. It’s a great case of self-reflection that showcases how the rapper has grown as an artist.

I filled up the crib with cars, the halls, with all and all, I’m still havin’ space (Yeah, space)
Got a particular taste, picky eater, I guess
But I’m still stuffin’ my face (Yeah, yeah)
She got a natural wrap, like a natural do
Like the blunt, she don’t like that shit laced (It’s lit, woo)
I was outside of the buildin’, I’m ownin’ the spot (Woo)
Want a B, then you gotta have faith (Ooh)
I’m in a meditate state
Ever since we lost bro, it ain’t really much more I can take
I pop a ten when it’s late, momma told me to pray
I do that ’cause you know I can’t play (Let’s—)
We flip the feelin’ for real
We got rides in the back but you know we ain’t come here to play
You be up playin’ the stakes, I been up playin’ abroad with broads and mates (Yeah)

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