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Headline Stress Disorder: When Breaking News Is Bad for Your Health

Charlene Jaszewski, a freelance editor living in Portland, Oregon, grabs her phone the minute she wakes up to see “what fresh hell happened” overnight. One morning, the self-professed “digital nomad” was on her way to a coffee shop to do some work when she had what she calls “a little […]

Doctors told to ditch Latin and use ‘plain English’

Doctors are being told to adopt a new policy of writing letters that are easier for patients to understand. The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges says too often correspondence contains complex medical jargon rather than plain and simple English. Using the phrase “twice daily” to explain the dosing of a […]

Could the Nectar Mattress Be the Key to Alleviating Your Chronic Back Pain?

Key to Alleviating Your Chronic Back Pain. Millions of people suffer from back pain every day, and they really don’t need to. It turns out that the culprit for many is simply sleeping on the wrong kind of mattress. Linda Lennox, the director of Lennox Physical Therapy Association and a […]

Must Read:   Mango Worms Aka Mango Fly: What You Need To Know About 

Ever seen such on a child or adult then you need to be wary as this is not just an ordinary boil and should be taken seriously.  What are mango worms? First, the mango worm goes by many names. It is technically a fly larva and it also goes by […]


Gonorrhea had been one of the most frightening Sexually transmitted disease until medical advancements produced a combination treatment for the venereal disease. However, an ominous report by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), has just confirmed that the disease will soon be untreatable and this is because the bacteria is strongly resisting the […]

Are you drinking enough water?

Water is important to help your body perfom properly so if you urinate, take a look at the chart to help decide if you need more water to keep your system running.

9 reasons why a man should never go down on a woman

why a man must avoid cunnilingus at all costs 1. HPV in Women Causes Throat Cancer in Men A new study has linked throat cancer in males to certain strains of HPV present in a large percentage of woman. How does the HPV get into the throat to cause the […]

(Diabetes) Tips for people of African or Caribbean descent

Diabetes affects people from various ethnic backgrounds differently. Experts believe that African or Caribbean people have a higher risk for diabetes compared to other Canadians. A community screening program in 9 Canadian cities found that 11% of Africans had previously-undiagnosed diabetes, compared to 2% of the general Canadian population. In […]

Cure for HIV and AIDS is possible, says expert

    Prof. Suleiman Akanmu, Head, Haematology and Blood Transfusion, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), on Thursday said that through  continuous research the cure for HIV and AIDS could be achieved. Akanmu told the news men in Lagos that lots of researchers worldwide were looking for ways to shift from […]

Most men last only 2 minutes in bed

  Men won’t like this. Women won’t enjoy this. But the truth is out. An astonishing 45 per cent of men finish sex too quickly – in flat two minutes! “Two minutes is way too speedy for the average woman to be able to have an orgasm through vaginal penetration […]