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House of Ace provides daily music content for music lovers and professional music marketing for music artists.

About House of Ace

House of ACE is a company set up with the specific intention of helping musicians to get the most from their music.

With industry knowledge and experience, we work alongside our artists to help them develop and grow as they build their profile and their fan base.

With a passion for all styles of music, our door is open to artists at all stages of their careers, from all genres and with all manner of goals and ambitions.

In the modern era the need for creativity has never been greater, especially if you want to build a buzz around your music and achieve your dream of making a living from doing what you love most.

At House of ACE, our services are designed specifically to help you make this happen.

From the fundamental step of setting your career objectives through to the creation of eye catching campaigns for the release of your new album, we’re there to make sure that as a recording artist in the music industry you not only look professional but feel professional.

Creating great music is your job… making sure that your music doesn’t go unheard is ours. Also check out our platform, for all the latest trending songs, music videos and entertainment.

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