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eNEWS: Rising Music Star Koncentr8 set to release new music

Koncentr8 is coming for 2017! Last August, the singer entertained fans with a cover to Ghana’s R2bees hit song Makoma, Baby Boo and ‘One On One is Allowed’.

Koncentr8 has already featured in tracks with Monica Ogah, one of the winners of MTN project fame, Dj Xchris and one of the finest fastest growing music acts in Nigeria. He also has singles ready for release and an album in the works.

“im working on this album and it’s yet to be named, he said”

Koncentr8, a native from Ekwusigo LGA in Anambra state and graduate from Tansian University, Oba Umunya, Anambra has a music style and an appeal that would entertain. 

With an almost striking resemblance to highlife superstar Flavour Nabania and a passion for highlife music, Koncentr8 is one music act to watch out for in 2017. 
Watch him freestyle to Masterkraft, Flavour and Sarkodie’s ‘Finally’ 


New Music: Crisace Andrea Ft. Raymond King – Alubarika

Crisace Andrea Ft Raymond King - Alubarika
Crisace Andrea Ft Raymond King – Alubarika

After releasing “Far Away” back in February, Crisace Andrea returns with an afro-pop dance tune titled Alubarika which features Veteran Alanta Dance King Raymond

The Lagos based Producer/Singer celebrates his birthday today
Download and Enjoy

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Music Premiere: WazzyDee – Dobale (Prod. Danibuzz)


With two singles released last year and a couple of covers, emerging afropop music act WazzyDee releases his first official single for 2016 and YES, he is well on his way to becoming a star in his own right. Following the viral success of his cover for Drake’s Controlla hit, WazzyDee decides to drop a new Tune for his growing fanbase.

His new single “Dobale” is an uptempo club banger that is ready to heat up the clubs and airwaves.

In “Dobale,” WazzyDee teams up with Lagos based producer Danibuzz, who has been making a name for himself crafting groovy tunes, as well as on-point, radio friendly pop tunes for WazzyDee and other up-and-coming artists. With more collaborations lined up with WazzyDee, as well as upcoming tracks, Danibuzz is definitely a producer to look out for as well.

Take a listen to their new collaboration below




CondomsGonorrhea had been one of the most frightening Sexually transmitted disease until medical advancements produced a combination treatment for the venereal disease. However, an ominous report by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), has just confirmed that the disease will soon be untreatable and this is because the bacteria is strongly resisting the anti-biotics used in its treatment by more than 400 per cent.

Presently, doctors in the UK are combining the only two drugs that kill the Neisseria gonorrhea, but the saddening report received on Thursday confirmed that there is a strong possibility that treatments will become ineffective.

In his statement to the press, Dr Jonathan Mermin, director of the CDC’s National Center for preventing HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, STD, and tuberculosis, said this:

“The confluence of emerging drug resistance and very limited alternative options for treatment creates a perfect storm for future gonorrhea treatment failure in the US. History shows us that bacteria will find a way to outlast the antibiotics we’re using to treat it.

We are running just one step ahead in order to preserve the remaining treatment option for as long as possible.”

Daily Mail adds that there are only two antibiotics remaining that can treat gonorrhea: azithromycin and ceftriaxone, that the infection had become immune to penicillin, tetracycline and fluoroquinolones.

In the UK, a group of British doctors reportedly spent three weeks struggling to treat a man of the infection in his throat using a combination therapy, but it all failed.

And this has called for concern as gonorrhea is a very common disease, and one which keeps building up and rejecting forms of treatments. The terrifying part is that many people are not diagnosed because of the minimal symptoms, until the full outburst of the infection.

Here’s the breakdown of the timeline of the infection:

“Those who do experience symptoms may have pain, burning, discharge in the uterus, Anu$, throat, mouth or penis – wherever they have contracted the infection. Without treatment it can lead to chronic health problems.

If the bacteria gets in the blood stream it can cripple one’s joints or even infect the heart. Infected women can be left infertile, suffer an ectopic pregnancy, or suffer permanent chronic pelvic pain.

Pregnant women with gonorrhea risk passing the infection onto their baby during childbirth, potentially leaving the infant blind.

Men can develop persistant testicular pain and infertility.”

For prevention, the CDC is urging people to use more Cond0ms as it has no estimate of how long it would take before gonorrhea becomes completely untreatable.

Video: Crisace Andrea teases New Single “Alubarika” Featuring Raymond King Gbaji


Supa dupa producer Crisace Andrea dropped a teaser video this week for his upcoming track “Alubarika,” which features Alanta Dance Master  Raymond King  on his Instagram page giving fans their first glimpse at his latest piece of work.

At just over a minute long, the video relives Crisace in the studio singing and jiving while teasing his new song.

As for the new song itself, “Alubarika” features heavy percussions, steadily building melodic verses and energetic beats.

Featuring credited vocalist, Raymond King Gbaji, the new track places as much emphasis on pop verses and melody as it does on groove, delivering an appeal paralleled by few dance hits. The preview isn’t very long, but needless to say, this is one release we’ll be looking forward to.

Crisace‘s “Alubarika” will see its release in Q3, via House Of Ace Records.

Watch Video below

Why The Music Business is Not A Poor Mans Game?

logo.pngFirst things first unless you are doing music as a hobby this is a business and record labels are not searching for talent they are searching for musicians with an established brand. When we say established brand we mean musicians that are already charting on itunes, already charting on national radio, already getting booked for paid shows,already dominating blogs or already dominating youtube.

As stated this is a business and from the business view of things it makes more sense for any business to invest into a brand that’s already is making money opposed to one that’s not making money even if the brand making money is less talented its less of a risk. See what musicians have to realize the label isn’t gonna do all the work for you even when you are signed with them that’s why the hardest working musicians in the world make it in this industry not the most talented the hardest workers. I know a lot musicians will hate on a less talented artist for making it,i use to do the same thing but when someone invested more money and put in more work then you the only one you should be hating on is yourself can’t hate another person for working harder then you.

When someone works hard to get some where in life you can hate all you want but you can’t take it away from them.With all that said this is a very expensive business to break into and you can record a million songs and a thousand videos it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have or invest an actual marketing budget into promoting your brand using the most significant forms of marketing and promotions for musicians today. If you are a musician and you are not working radio or performing regularly then your just not working hard enough to make it in this industry yet and unless your the next J.Cole no one gets signed off of talent alone anymore. Talent does not and should dictate you making it in the music industry.

The music business is like the only business in the world where a person thinks they should get the position with the smallest resume.I never heard of a job or business that hires the person with the least amount of experience that’s like unheard of so why would you sign an unsigned artist with less accomplishments then another.I understand a lot of musicians don’t have a lot of money but that’s why the business world invented some people a while back called sponsors or investors and if you don’t reach out to one single person about sponsorship or investing that how can you even have a chance to secure it and sitting around waiting for it to fall in your lap its just wishful thinking.

I wake up every morning and read the same quote from W.J. Bryan Destiny is no matter of chance its a matter of choice , most musicians are waiting on a opportunity or chance , you have create opportunity or you won’t even have a chance and to create that opportunity you have to have a marketing budget in place.So secure a loan, talk to investors, secure sponsorships or have a very great paying job cause this is a expensive business to break into and its not a poor man’s game.


New Music : Crisace – Far Away (mp3)

It looks like Crisace is definitely in love!
Just in time for the Valentine season, Crisace Andrea starts his 2016 with the brand new
single, “Far Away,” that will be sure to set the mood.
The highly anticipated afropop tune is sure to be the song on the lips of many in not time with addictive lyrics.
As he sings, he reminds his lover that he will always be there for her and that nothing will take away the love that he has in his heart for her.

“She calls me Papi / I call her sugar baby / When she’s lonely / Na me she won dey see / When you’re down/ I’ll be your medicine…” he sings.

This is the first single off Crisace’s upcoming new album Beta, executive produced by King of House Of Ace. “Beta” will be available for purchase on iTunes and Spinlet.

Take a listen below, what do you think?

New Music : Crisace Andrea – I’m Blessed (mp3) |(@crisaceofficial)


House Of Ace Superstar Singer/Producer Crisace who’s working on his ‘Beta’ album has released his new single “I’m Blessed”

Speaking on the track, Crisace said,

“The track is a dedication to the goodness of life . This is for the people who appreciate life and most importantly for those who never stop believing in their dreams.

Download and Enjoy

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Crisace Andrea Releases Song Art | SEE PHOTO

House Of Ace Superstar Singer/Producer Crisace who’s working on his ‘Beta’ album has released the Song artwork for his new single “I’m Blessed”

The track will be released on October 28, 2015

Speaking on the track, Crisace said,

“The track is a dedication to the goodness of life . This is for the people who appreciate life and most importantly for those who never stop believing in their dreams.


Listen to a preview of the track below

Crisace currently has songs like Dem Wan Know, Song for Mama and his Alpha Album with 16 tracks.

Twitter – @houseoface
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David Onyeledo: Gospel artiste releases new single


Nigerian gospel artiste, David Onyeledo releases new single ‘Amarachi’ on Sunday, 11 October, 2015. The track was produced by Tim Gyang and is a track off his forthcoming EP Gratitude.

David Tochi Onyeledo is a gospel trumpeter/musician whose music is a fusion of Gospel Highlife and contemporary/afro jazz. He grew up loving music and started playing the trumpet in 1995.
He has played with Bands such as the versatile Rythms band that contested along side P-square in the hedges and tones concert in Jos, Adonai praise team Owerri, Boys brigade bands in Jos, several Church bands, St murumba college band Jos and the warblers band of Jos.

Listen To Amarachi Below

Watch “David Onyeledo – Amarachi (Live Band)” on YouTube

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Facebook – @houseofaceofficial
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