How to stay relevant in the Music Game.



Music is a form of expression. It is an art and it can be a business that pays the bills. Most upcoming artistes may not understand all the dynamics to being a successful artistes.

It is never easy to identify the best ways to being a success in the music business but here are some success tips if you want to stay relevant in the game.

1) Treat making music like a career – Focus on the music, no more sports, no parties, no videogames. This devotion can turn years of constant work into polished music, development of social media empire, and planning for future success.

2) Keep revolutionizing your social media game ­– In a Forbes interview Miller emphasized the role of compelling content in his success. He does this by keeping his fans guessing and on their feet with social media strategies like releasing a new song every 100,000 likes. Always look for opportunities to give fans entertaining content that your competitors aren’t.

3) Work the music video –  Creativity, self-awareness, and humor are all obvious aspects of video success. Take a role in making videos for your songs. Be it a video shot by your phone or a digital camera. Always express yourself in your videos.

4) Never stop creating – Do not ever think you have made it. Keep working. Keep creating new music. Try new genres and challenge yourself to new ways and creative processes. Be sure that your music is constantly evolving as you solidify yourself as a premier music maker.

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