Jay-Z Tupac Beef Started Over Biggie Song – Irv Gotti

Jay-Z Tupac Beef Started Over Biggie Song - Irv Gotti

Jay-Z Tupac Beef Started Over Biggie Song - Irv Gotti

Fat Joe talked to Irv Gotti on his podcast where they got into Jay-Z Tupac beef. Gotti explained the supposed origins of their feud, explaining that it all started because of Jay’s collaboration with The Notorious B.I.G. on “Brooklyn’s Finest.”

“Me knowing Jay how I know Jay, now I’mma go back to ‘Brooklyn’s Finest,'” says Irv Gotti, telling Joe that he needs to deliver the full story to get to the “Joprah Moment.” “I was dead set against [the song]. I was telling Jay, ‘Don’t do it, don’t do it’ and he was like, ‘Why?’ I was like, ‘Big, he’s too strong. Before we take over the world, we gotta take over the West Coast. Before we take over the West Coast, we gotta take over the East Coast. Before we take over the East Coast, we gotta take over New York. Before we take over New York, you gotta take over Brooklyn and he owns all that.’ And I was like, ‘This n***a’s not a wack n***a.’ I was in fear that, I was like, ‘Yo, you may come off like his little man, you understand?'”

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Fat Joe asked about Irv Gotti trying to set up a battle between Hov and Big, which Gotti explained further.


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“I didn’t want them to battle, I just wanted him to do it without his assistance because we was friends with Big,” he said. “Big was at the ‘Ain’t No N***as’ set. We used to go to these Italian restaurants in Brooklyn. Big was a friend.”

“On a business level, this n***a is so hot, I don’t know if you’ll be able to get him,” he continued. “If you listen to ‘Brooklyn’s Finest’ – I want everybody to go listen again. Jay did his four bars and then Big did his four bars. This is my opinion. I’m not saying anything, I’m not speaking for Hov. If you listen to the record, he was getting at him. But I said, ‘Big is gonna sniff it out.'”

Finally, he gets to the point of the story, explaining that Biggie and Jay went back-and-forth on the record. Because of the song, however, Tupac started to voice his animosity toward Jay.

“‘Yeah, they told me you was holding more drugs than a pharmacy/You ain’t harmin’ me so pardon me’,” rapped Gotti. “He was going right back at him. That’s why ‘Pac was shitting on Jay because of ‘Brooklyn’s Finest.’ ‘If Fay had twins/She’d probably have two Pacs,’ get it? And Jay’s on the record with him so now he’s like, ‘Fuck you, ain’t no n***a like me, fuck Jay-Z’ and he starts bombing on Jay.”

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