Get Ready To Have Your Mind Blown With These 9 Secret Iphone Tricks

Whether you have recently switched from Android to iOS or have been an iOS loyalist forever, the prospect of unlocking the full potential of your iPhone should excite you.

After all, Apple’s operating system seems deceptively simple, but it packs a lot of punch under the hood. Therefore, unfurling the secrets of your iPhone is sure to take you on an adventure.If you are ready, continue reading to know the things your iPhone can do, but you didn’t know it could.

Mobile phones have become part of our day to day so it’s not far fetched that one would need easy ways to get things done faster. Here are 9 IPhone tricks that you would definitely find interesting.

Is it a keyboard or a trackpad? It’s both!

While it’s perfectly alright to use the iPhone keyboard as a keyboard, it doesn’t hurt to know it can double as a trackpad. Thanks to this feature, you can move the cursor much more accurately and quickly jump to bits of text without tapping on the screen.

You can use this feature on an iPhone 6s or newer because it has 3D touch capabilities. Press and hold anywhere on the keyboard, and the trackpad will get activated. Then, as the keyboard goes blank, you can drag your finger to move the cursor.

Recover photos you had deleted accidentally.

No matter how hard you try, you cannot avoid making mistakes. But some mistakes hurt more than others. For example, accidentally deleting your vacation pictures. Fortunately, it is possible to recover those pictures. So there’s no need to mope around and waste time wondering how to find deleted photos on iPhone.

Instead, quickly open the Photos application, scroll down to the Recently Deleted album, and select it. Then, tap on the images to restore them.

Set up visual phone alerts to get notifications.

Are you tired of receiving audible phone alerts? If so, you can change the settings to get visual phone alerts via the camera’s flash. The camera’s flash will blink several times whenever you get a notification.

Get this feature working by tapping Settings > selecting Accessibility > select Audio/Visual > toggle the LED Flash for Alerts switch on.

Keep private photos hidden from prying eyes.

Handing over phones to friends or family members is a common practice. But it can lead to dire consequences if your image library contains sensitive pictures that you would not want anyone to see.You can hide personal images from view by opening the Photos app > selecting the pictures > tapping the Share button > tapping Hide.

Don’t let important texts get lost in group chats. Tag them!

Want to get someone’s attention in a group chat? You can directly mention them by typing their name with an @ symbol. Then, you need to add punctuation or hit the spacebar to bold the person’s name, and the symbol will disappear.
When you send the message, the mentioned person will be notified.

Therefore, your messages will never get lost in the long threads of group texts.

Find photos easily by adding keywords or captions.

Gone are the days when you had to look for pictures by scrolling through your entire library frantically. You can now add keywords or captions to the pictures and videos on your iPhone. Swipe up on a video or image to add the caption, and it will be saved to your iCloud photos. You can find the picture or video later by typing the keyword or caption. Easy!

No need to open Safari to search the webForget the hassle of opening the Safari application to look for something online. Instead, swipe left on your iPhone home screen, and the Search window will appear. Type what you need to search and directly get the results.

Launch your favorite applications faster.

If you have an iOS 14, you’ll fall in love with the Back Tap feature. It is one of the coolest features as it allows you to activate an assortment of system features, such as app switcher, Siri, Spotlight, Reachability, etc. You can even quickly open your go-to apps with Back Tap.

Go to the Shortcuts app and select the applications you wish to launch with the double or triple-tap gesture. Then, head to Settings > select Accessibility > select Touch > select Back Tap > select Double Tap/Triple Tap > select the shortcut.
Then, tap on the back of your iPhone, and your apps will open.

Deactivate auto-play videos in Safari

Auto-play videos are a nuisance. They will distract you, gobble up a ton of mobile data, use plenty of battery and slow down your browsing speed.

Stop them from playing automatically by tapping Settings > choosing Accessibility > selecting Motion and turning off the toggle next to Auto-Play Video Previews.

So, don’t wait around anymore but go ahead and start trying out these iPhone tricks. It will help you get more out of your phone. Plus, you can show off your newfound knowledge to the newbie iPhone users and get brownie points.

So there’s are the IPhone tricks to share for today, leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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