VIDEO: Kambo (@KamboOfficial) -“MELO”

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Born in December 2014, Kambo is a UK-based sungura/afrobeats group gifted with exquisite vocals, the young, energetic and positively-stubborn gentlemen have carved a niche in Afrobeat music by infusing the novelty of acoustic sounds with Accappella, resulting in the uniquely pulsating rhythm that carries the signature of exceptionality.

Kambo’s music is not bound by the fetters of superficial boundaries. Whilst manifesting a rich cocktail of African flair, the music integrates elements expertly borrowed from other cultural set-ups, giving the genre a fluid, novel and international appeal. The whole project started off with casual meetings by the three artists who would meet up after work and work out original tunes for fun.

The trio’s strength lies in their immense creative potential which sees them composing songs of their own and shaping up a wholly unique musical discourse that speaks to human existential realities. Some fans who follow these guys have come to a conclusion that they are social commentators, yet it is still evident that their music captures life in varied dimensions.

Kambo’ is a word taken from Zimbabwe’s majority indigenous language, Shona, meaning ‘song’ and indeed the unique songs, choreography and music of the trio’s compositions are a mirror image of the complexity of human experiences. The group’s music exudes an overtly positive tone which speaks vision and hope against the odds of a challenge-riddled postmodern society. Listening to the music of Kambo is like savouring the benefits of a therapy session and sharing the healing effects infectiously.

‘Melo’ was directed by Ovie Etseyatse for Kambo Media Productions.



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