Video : Man Films Moment He Catches Wife Cheating On Him With Long-Term Lover


hqdefaultA loyal husband whose wife cheated on him with his friend has released a video on YouTube of the adulterous pair.

The video begins with the poor bloke stood outside apartment 156. A handmade sign hangs on the door saying: “Please help us stay neat. Shoes off … thanks”.

Just before entering the flat he pauses outside the door and you can hear him breathing deeply, no doubt steeling himself for what he’s about to do.

He turns the key and goes into the flat, loudly asking: “Is that Janelle…and Jason?” and discovers the cheating pair sat in the dark on a sofa.
He then turns the light on and we see his wife and his so-called friend, both naked as the day they were born.

Jason, clearly trying to defuse the situation, awkwardly mumbles “How are you bro?” The unfortunate husband then turns the light on and we see his wife and his supposed mate on the sofa, both naked and clearly shocked.

The husband then quickly stumbles over the question “You with my wife?”, obviously upset at what he’s discovered.

Jason tries to explain the situation but the husband’s temper boils over and he firmly states: “That’s my wife you’re with there”. The adulterous pair try to make their excuses but the husband isn’t having it. He loudly says: “I want a divorce OK. Will you give me divorce?”

His wife then asks him to turn the camera off and he agrees, putting his key on the counter and saying: “I’m done. I’m done with you, ok. I love my daughter, that’s the only thing that’s important to me OK?”
The deceived husband is surprisingly calm and finishes by telling the pair: “I have no beef between me and you anymore. Jason I know you’re a good man, it’s all good man. This is not going to be seen by anyone but the judge”. Obviously something changed between filming and posting the video of the cheating pair.

Finally he says: “Sorry for disturbing you. Have a nice day”.

Channel SolimunTaj report that the husband told them:

I’m just really tired and frustrated of being quiet, while her whole side of the family thinks I’m a jerk-off or some dead beat dad. He was way too calm in the situation. He said the guy was a good man and left turned the lights back off for them. I wonder if they finished?

We hope that this bloke’s a bit luckier in love next time.

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