Champions League Predictions: PSG v Brugge, Leipzeg v Man City, Man Utd v Young Boys, Juventus v Malmo

Uefa champions league Predictions

With the final group games coming up starting from today, here are our Champions League Predictions for games that look pretty much easy to call on.

Our sports analysts have been able to pick out 5 matches that could potential go your way should the stars align and VAR comply to possible outcomes. That’s just us kidding but we do know how difficult it can be to be right on these things

Starting off today are 3 great games.

Psg vs Brugge Prediction

PSG v Brugge (Champions league Predictions)

With 2nd place already a given, French side Paris Saint-Germain will look to this match as an opportunity to build momentum. They already lost first place position on the table to Manchester city after losing in the reverse fixture in England. That being said, Messi and co would want to continue to improve on their form and could just put up a show.

Club Brugge on the other hand have only 4 points from 5 games and are last on the table. Could there be a chance for them here. Maybe!! Considering Europa League playoff would be a motivation for the Belgian side.

Our prediction for this match up would rely solely on the fact that PSG would want to end the group stages in flying colours. In their previous meeting in Belgium, the game ended in a draw but this will not deter Pochettino’s men from not wanting to put this game to bed.

We see PSG coming out tops on this one.

Final Prediction PSG 2 – 1 Brugge

Leipzeg v Manchester City Prediction

Leipzeg v Man City (Champions League Predictions)

RB Leipzeg just like Club Brugge have it all to play for as a potential Europa League playoff contention. That and the fact that they wouod be playimg at home should give the german side impetus to try and outshine the Cityzens. Having only 4 points from 5 games is not far fetched considering the calibre of teams that were in this group.

As for Manchester City, Pep Guardiola has a knack for winning games even when there is no major need. The man wants his form to never drop and his winning column stacked no matter who he is playing against. Even in away games, the English club has consistently tried to score more goals than their opponents. With this in mind, we expect nothing more in this match. Should there be a need to rest players, his substitutes are also capable to the task.

With the opportunity of winning 15 out of 18 points in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League, we look no further to Manchester City taking this win in Germany. Leipzeg have not been in the best of form and tbeir previous meeting at Ethiad was a 9 goal thriller. Expect goals as Manchester City tend to play matches without clean sheets.

Final Prediction Leipzeg 1 v 3 Man City

Our final match for Tuesday’s round is between a team in Germany and Turkey.

Dortmund v Besiktas (Champions League Predictions)

We have been able to pick out this game from group C because it has the easier outlook when you consider all the elements that be. German side Borussia Dortmund will be looking for permutations that can go in their favour inorder to qualify out of the group stage.

With a goal difference of -6, Dortmund will have to beat Besiktas by 7 goals with the hope that Ajax can beat Sporting Lisbon by 5 goals. This is just how we see things going in their favour. Impossible? Well not when its Ajax we are talking about. The Dutch side can score loads of goals. With that in mind, 7 goals is still far fetched dream but this is football and that’s why we love this game.

Besiktas on the other hand would be playing this game just for playing sakes in our opinion. They lost the reverse fixture by 1 goal so we could see another tight affair. Given the odds for this game. We can say that Dortmund will win the game since it only build momentum for the side unless they have other plans like resting players. Remember they are only 4 points behind Bayern Munich.

Dortmund have had a good home record this season only losing to Ajax and Bayern Munich. So we expect them to win todays Uefa Champions league fixture.

Final Prediction Dortmund 2 v 1 Besiktas

Moving on to our picks for Wednesday’s group games.

Manchester United v Young Boys Champions league Prediction

Man Utd v Young Boys (Champions League Predictions)

Manchester United are looking to move on from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s reign with a new manager. This usually sparks a revival at any club especially since it was witnessed when the Norwegian was just recruited. This will be Ralf Ragnick’s first game in charge for the England club at the Uefa Champions league. Can he deliever? That is the question that fans and alike will be quizzing about.

A goal from Fred sealed the 3 points for them over the weekend but there is more to scrutiny. Looking ahead, Ronaldo and co will be playing against Young Boys at Old Trafford for their final group F game. The Swiss side have 4 points from 5 games and are looking to a win for a chance at qualifying from this stage. Is this a far cry? Well we have seen things happen in this game so we are always open minded. That being said, this will be an exciting match up.

Manchester United grabbed 10 points from 5 games and sit top of the group for now. Things can change especially with Villareal just 7 points behind and a goal difference between the two. Taking the top spot in any Uefa Champions league group can be helpful too since teams can be paired with teams that finish in second position. This is usually in favour of winners of groups who may get to face teams who they could match up.

Manchester United need a win or a draw to keep their aspirations alive. Besiktas need a win to stay in either Europa League playoff or even qualify out of the group stage. So we know this will be a serious match for both teams. In their previous meeting, Young Boys beat Manchester Utd by a single goal. Can they do it again. Highly unlikely.

We believe this is a revival going on at Old Trafford and we see them edge this game. Ragnick’s men have won 3 of their last 5 matches. Their home form has not been the best but we can see the need to do well in this game.

Final Prediction Man Utd 2 v 1 Young Boys

Next on the list is the Old lady of Italy against the Swedish side Malmo.

Juventus vs Malmo (Predictions)

Group H has two teams fighting for top spot. English club Chelsea are tied with 12 points with Juve. This Wednesday, both teams will be playing tbeir final group match and we have picked Juventus’ match as the easier to amalyse and give an overview.

Playing against unarguably the weakest side in the group, Juventus stand a chance at finishing top of the table. They were able to defeat Jon Dahl Tomassson’s men by 3 goals. We do not see anything different in this match as it is important for the Italian club to come out top. That being said we see them win this game in flying colours once again. Also to take note is that Malmo has never defeated Juventus in their lats 3 meetings.

Malmo on the other hand would need to defeat Juventus by 13 goals with the hope that Chelsea defeats Zenith Saint Petersburg by 1 goal. Impossible?? Well we want to reserve our comments on that.

We see this as a game already in the bag for Juve. They have won 3 of their last 5 games and pretty okay playing at home.

Final Prediction Juventus 2 v 0 Malmo

Bayern Munich v Barcelona Champions league Predictions

Bayern Munich v Barcelona (Predictions)

Now here is one match that we have looked at in several ways. Bayern Munich are in solid form whioe FC Barcelona have lost momentum. The Messi departure being the most significant change has caused the Spanish football giants to be just an average team. We have seen them scrap for points and lose with an astonishing statement.

Can newly appointed manager Xavi and Pique defeat Lewandowski and his merry men from Germany? History says No. Recent performances in all competitions also says No. But this is football so all we can do is postulate and hope for favorable outcomes.

Bayern may join Liverpool and Ajax as the only teams to win all 6 matches in this year’s UEFA Champions League should they beat Barcelona. Lewandowski will be looking for one up against Messi’s former team after losing the Ballon d’Or to the Argentine maverick.

Looking at the group, Benfica have 5 points with a -4 goal difference. They play Dynamo Kyiv at home and a win here puts them ina good position to qualify for the next round of the champions league. This would rely on Bayern Munich trashing Barcelona which could be the case as we do not see this Barcelona side up to task. The Spanish side has won only two of their last 5 games. Their performances thus far have been poor.

Coming into this game with a loss at home to Real Betis over the weekend does not bode well for their Uefa champions league dreams for this season. In their four meetings with Bayern at the Allianz Arena, Barca has only managed a draw. Tonight they need a win. Can they muster the courage to win this match.

Our predictions for this match is as follows: Bayern Munich will look to score goals as they usually do especially at home. Barcelona’s lack of goal scoring is a major concern.

Final Prediction Bayern Munich 2 v 0 Barcelona

These are our predictions for the final group stages of the champions league. You can leave your comments below concerning any of the games. We look forward to more games together. Ciao

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