50 Cent sued for $1 Billion by the real GHOST for Power

50 Cent sued for $1 Billion by the real GHOST for Power

50 Cent is being sued for $1 Billion by the real GHOST for Power tv series.

The rise of 50 Cent’s show ‘Power’ has seen much success, with numerous spin-offs, including ‘Raising Kanan.’ While the entire ‘Power’ universe has been heralded by many, 50 is being sued by a man who has shunned the series, saying the series is based on his real life.

It was revealed that Cory “Ghost” Holland Sr. is suing 50 Cent for $1 billion, claiming the show ‘Power’ is his life story. Along with that, “Ghost” is saying that the producer of the show—Courtney Kemp, and 50 are bullying him.

According to documents filed by Holland, he is asking the court to help with “legally protect his interests and his family and his legal justification if violence becomes necessary to protect him or his family.”

Holland says he was friends with the father of Courtney Kemp in the early 1990s and that they were in touch until 2007. The man is claiming that Kemp and 50 based 200 scenes of the series on his life. A part of the document finds Holland saying he wants things to get resolved before they escalate outside of court, saying,

“[Holland] wants to address this matter now and hopefully have it ceased before someone loses their life. [Holland] wants to keep this fight in the court but is not afraid in [any] kind of way of other kind of confrontation with anyone.”

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