Kanye West’s Meeting With Donald Trump Pleases Azealia Banks

Kanye West's Meeting With Donald Trump Pleases Azealia Banks
Kanye West’s Meeting With Donald Trump Pleases Azealia Banks

The female rapper is here for it.

Azealia Banks is on Kanye West’s side when it comes to the moves he’s making in relation to the White House. According to

the female emcee, his courageous efforts are necessary. She commends Yeezy for being the first Black celebrity to seemingly befriend President Donald Trump.

Banks posted her thoughts to social media.

“Literally no other black celebrity has gone to the White House with a level head to try and represent for us. I’m proud of Kanye for at least taking a first step in opening the dialogue.”

“You have to commend Kanye for doing what everyone else is afraid to do,” she wrote. “It’s VERY likely that Donald Trump will be re-elected for a second term. I think we’ve all established that Donald Trump is an asshole but for whatever reason he’s our president.”

The entertainer affirms that the negativity consistently thrown at Trump is not effective in terms of change.

“And rather than stand on the sidelines and shout and scream at him, and chastise him and seek to blame him for the entirety of American history. SOMEONE needs to have the courage to at least try to make SOMETHING happen.”

“I told you guys in countless rants that someone needed to go in there and just talk some shit with trump around a dinner table at mar a lago, play some golf, and be his friend.”

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