Lady Zamar In Hot Water Over Outfit to Idols

Lady Zamar In Hot Water Over Outfit to Idols
Lady Zamar In Hot Water Over Outfit to Idols

Lady Zamar appearance at the gig.

House star Lady Zamar has become an easy target for social media fashion police. The Love is Blind hitmaker wore a blue dress to an Idols performance over the weekend and it appears a sect of social media is unimpressed by her appearance at the gig.

Check out the full of her outfit below

.@Lady_Zamar gave us the perfect blend of high energy and soulful vocals performing ‘It’s You – Dreaming’. How’d you love that Mzansi? #IdolsSA

— Idols South Africa (@IdolsSA) September 9, 2018

Social media then came for her over the same outfit, despite the singer changing her outfit recently.

#LadyZamar is also a Fashion designer but her style is kaak….inoba zinjani impahla azenzayo?

— Paul Xola Mzizi (@paulmzizi) September 9, 2018

#IdolsSA #ladyzamar
I don’t know why Lady Zamar insists on dressing herself and I wonder who is going to buy her clothing range 🙄

— On The Glow (@Senz_Nene) September 9, 2018

Can the beautiful #LadyZamar fire her wardrobe stylist please #IdolsTop10Announcement

— Ella Mpofu (@ellam304) September 9, 2018

What was she wearing? 😦😦#IdolsSA #LadyZamar

— Cigars’on_ice👅💦👠 (@KhanyiSobuwa) September 9, 2018

Kanti #LadyZamar hasn’t fired her stylist yet 🤦🏾‍♀️ oh Haai #IdolsSA

— Bongi Mdo ka Dlanjwa (@mararabon) September 9, 2018

LadyZamar jumpsuit 🙄🙄🙄. Kanti why do we expose our bodies Yeah!#IdolsSA

— Thembs_NdebeleQueen (@Thembs66011131) September 9, 2018

How many of you want #LADYZAMAR To retire from Style? She’s wearing Lace Jamsuit…shit shes out of it and uyabhimba maaarn nxa!!#IdolsSA #IdolsSA2018

— Bantu (@Bantu13530853) September 9, 2018

LadyZamar and her outfits

— K_Seb (@TsoSeb) September 9, 2018

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