Tyler The Creator – Puff (Song)

tyler the creator - puff download

Listen To Tyler The Creator’s new song, Puff.

Tyler The Creator drops his latest song Puff. On “PUFF,” Tyler re-explores the mellow color wheel he came to discover in 2015. “PUFF” is the latest in a line of stand-alone tracks like “BRONCO,” “PEACH FUZZ,” “Crust in Their Eyes,” and “Potato Salad” with A$AP Rocky, all of which seem to be teasing even zanier levels of golf wang experimentation.

The radio is turned on like an auto-function. A golden voice announces a triple header, free passes are being offered to whoever calls in the 8th position. Even as the voice becomes imperceivable we stay in our contusion. Tyler’s “PUFF.” proves yet again that his ambidextrous nature is a genuine World beater.

Listen below.

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