Kim Kardashian Reveals Gender Of Her & Kanye West’s Baby

Kim Kardashian Reveals Gender Of Her & Kanye West’s Baby
Kim Kardashian Reveals Gender Of Her & Kanye West’s Baby
It’s no news that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been expecting their third child via surrogate. 

A lot of reports have been circling the web about the due date, that’s apparently January, how much the surrogate will make from carrying the child, $45,000, and even the gender of the child, that was always rumoured to be a girl. 

The sex of the baby can now be put to rest since Kim has finally confirmed, by accident, that the upcoming addition to the family will, in fact, be a girl.

The news comes from her recent visit on The Ellen Degeneres Show, where she talks about her baby shower from this past weekend and how her oldest child, North West, wanted all the toys for her little sister to be put in her room. 

“My daughter thinks she’s really tricky. We had a baby shower over the weekend. I thought, ‘I really do want to have a baby shower because I want her to feel that something’s coming and for her to really understand it,” Kim explains to Ellen. “People brought toys and gifts. She was opening them all up the next day and she said, ‘Mom, Baby Sister’s not here. I think I need all of her toys in my room. I’ll play with them and just make sure they’re OK for Baby Sister.’”

Clearly, Kim didn’t realize that she let the information slip because Ellen backtracked by letting her know that she revealed what everyone was curious about, “She’s a toy tester…and you just told us it’s a girl!” Ellen says.

“Oh! I guess!” Kim says. “Yes, it is. North is really excited about that. She’s so excited. Let’s see if it lasts. I did explain to her, ‘OK, at 4:00 in the morning, when you come in my room, I’m going to have to be with Baby Sister–I have to feed her.’ We’ll see how it goes.”

Watch the full interview below.

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