Phrimpong to change the face of GH rap with ‘School’ album



Folks, have you ever heard of the name “Phrimpong”? Okay, he is certainly one of Ghana’s few promising acts whose prospects are just endless. Born Derrick Frimpong Manso, Phrimpong is a Kumasi-based rapper who is often tagged by his fans and even critics as politically incorrect.

Yes, he seems to be gaining mystery over revolutionary rap music in Ghana, steadily overtaking the likes of Barima Sidney, A-Plus and Wanlov the Kubolor.

His “Religion” music video says it all. This song has really touched the lives of people oppressed by diabolical religion perpetuated by false prophets in Ghana. Again, Wanlov the Kubolor was highly mesmerised by the superb lyrical content of “Religion 1” and even sought to collaborate with him on “Religion 2.”

Also, Phrimpong, the 24 year old signee of Xxtra Music is definitely a force to be reckoned with among his contemporaries often classified as “undergees” in common parlance.

He took risks, defied the odds and dared to be different – this is the triune catalyst for success – by releasing his much-heralded debut album called “The School.”

He disclosed to me that he chose the album name “The School” since the tracks on the album teach far more than what the school as an institution through its syllabi can teach.

This is simply a feather in his cap, and I believe that the album will not fall through but gain ground. For the 18-track classic album was produced by Zapp Mallet, Peeweezel, iPappi, Tubhanibeatz and SkiniWillies. It also features artistes like Kontihene, Cabum, Ko-Jo Cue, Shatta Rako, Ryan Korsah, Ike and Boy Stiff.

Moreover, Phrimpong, who admires American rapper J-Cole most, abides by the striking assertion that, “The better you do your work, the more adept you become at doing it, and this, in time, will lead to such perfection that you will have few, if any, eauals in your field,” according to Napoleon Hill, the Magic Ladder to Success in 1930.

No wonder he is a very young rapper of high calibre who bemoaned the falling standards of GH rap, saying, “Everyone is trying his best; the business part of it has given room for mediocrity in the rap game.

There is profanity and lack of good content too.” “Wenya lie no?,” as his personal slogan goes. Oh my God, Phrimpong really means business when it comes to the business of music, so he does it like nobody’s business.

Look! He revealed to me, his trustworthy friend, stating emphatically that, “I want to amass wealth with my talent to help me be the greatest philanthropist Africa ever had, and to win at the Grammy Awards too.”

Wow, what a fabulous vision he’s got! I think Dr. Rob Yeung, a popular business psychologist, was absolutely right when he said that, “Have a passion and you’ll make money.” This guy has got an exquisite brand identity – it stands out a mile. Kudos to his management at Xxtra Music.

Phrimpong is always granting interviews on radio and TV in order to sell his branded agenda to the teeming youths of our dear nation, so that he can positively influence their thoughts and actions. Let’s rally support for Phrimpong as part of Phrimpire – the world of Phrimpong’s fans – by downloading and sharing his musical works.


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