Watch: Jamie Foxx – “In Love By Now”



Jamie Foxx releases emotional video for “In Love By Now,” the personal ballad off his latest album Hollywood: A Story of a Dozen Roses. The star-studded clip takes place on what is to be his wedding day. George Lopez plays the pastor, Tank is his best man, and Nicole Scherzinger plays his bride-to-be.

But what is supposed to the happiest day of his life takes an unexpected turn when Nicole leaves him at the altar. He reminisces on happier times in their relationship while playing a piano on the beach. Meanwhile, Scherzinger scribbles “I’m sorry” on the mirror before riding off into the sunset as Foxx chases her white Rolls-Royce down the street—and the piano, just like Foxx’s heart, is destroyed.

Watch the sad ending to his love story below.

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