[DOWNLOAD] Empire Season 2, Episode 9 – “Sinned Against”



Empire Episode 8 ended with Hakeem denouncing the Lyon name after he won the rap battle against Freda Gatz. We learn that Lucious decided to name himself “Lyon” while he was homeless as a child and slept under a lion statue.

After the battle, Lucious attempts to rile up some drama by mentioning he and Cookie’s bet, in which if Hakeem won the rap battle, Cookie would get to release Jamal’s upcoming album through Lyon Dynasty and if Freda won Lucious could release Hakeem’s album under Empire Records.

This likely wouldn’t happen anyway, with Hakeem now not calling himself a Lyon. But Jamal asks for a ceasefire in all of the fighting and Lucious concedes. Lucious soon realizes that a new drama is brewing as we meet one of Cookie’s sisters, Candice (Vivica A. Fox), who comes to Cookie to tell her their other sister Carol has left her kids and taken off because of something having to do with Cookie. We also learn that Cookie’s real name is Lauretha.


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