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Six years ago today, the world lost a musical legend. Michael Jackson passed away on June 25, 2009.
Michael Jackson, who was just seven-years-old when he began performing the with The Jackson Brothers (who later became the Jackson Five), was only 50 when he died from prescription drug-induced heart failure at his rented Hollywood mansion.


From The Jackson Five’s ABC and I Want You Back to pop/rock anthems Bad and Smooth Criminal through to ballads like Earth Song and You Are Not Alone, Michael’s repertoire had it all.

He was born with that beautiful falsetto voice that his father and manager Joseph was so keen to cash in on, but Jacko had a sense of rhythm and an ear for music that just can’t be taught.

Michael forged a path for black musicians to have their voice heard in mainstream pop music. When his music wasn’t being played on MTV he decided to make videos they just couldn’t ignore.

With back stories, spectacular visual effects and incredible dance routines Jacko set the bar high for the music video – and few have managed to equal him since.

Fans paid tribute to the late star today on Twitter.




RIP to the King of Pop.

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