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Groovy is the first studio album by Nigerian music act King (YoungBlacKing). It was released on June 19, on iTunes and BeatPort by House Of ACE and distributed by Like and
Play Music. The album was recorded in House of ACE Studio, with executive production from  Crisace of House Of ACE. The album is influenced by aspects of funk, EDM and spoken word.

Upon its release, Groovy has received widespread acclaim from music listeners, who praised the music production’s density and eclecticism.

Less than 3 days into its release, “Groovy” has started to gain audience. “Groovy” is an album people will talk about for a long time. It’s also not an easy album to make a quick assessment of, but the Internet exists to make quick assessments of things, so here we are. It’s a great listen, musically and lyrically, and conceptually.
It makes a big statement through many complex styles of music fused into a total package. The album is the type that gets you off your feet once the music starts playing.

“Groovy” is an album that needs to be listened to as an album. Front to back, more than once, more than eight times so we took out time to get the links to you for your listen.






You can download the album on Itunes here

You can download the album on Amazon

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