Jojo De-Mens blasts Mzbel for ‘Fake Jesus’ comment



UK based gospel act Jojo De-Mens has released his new effort. The song titled Faakye preaches about forgiveness.

“Faakye a single track. It’s amazing I must say because to have somebody send you a message on a social media platform all the way from Japan to tell you that I’ve been listening to your song every morning, afternoon and dawn; it’s very inspirational and very prayerful and I have used it as my ringtone, it tells you how the song is going.

“They might not understand the language but they still identify with the song which is going very well, the testimony have received about the song is amazing. I didn’t anticipate it to go that far. Someone has done her own version and videoed it and sent it to me.

I was like “WOW” this is great”

The gospel act currently gearing towards the release of his album said touching on Mzbel’s derogatory Jesus comment said;

“That’s her personal preference, I don’t have a problem with MzBel; I only have a problem with some of the utterances she does make. If you don’t believe in something that’s you. There’s something called similarities and there’s something being the same. If something is similar it doesn’t mean it’s the same. Her Horace statement was totally out of place.”


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