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Download Album: Kodak Black – Project Baby 2

Download Album: Kodak Black - Project Baby 2
Kodak Black – Project Baby 2 Album download
House Arrest isn’t slowing Kodak down when it comes to serving his fans with new content and to the delight, an album is on the way. 

Kodak Black has been out for a few weeks, but will remain under house arrest for an year. Fortunately, he has a studio set up at his home and the whole situation won’t stop him from dropping new heat.

A couple weeks ago, we showed you pictures of Kodak and Offset working at the crib. Murda Beatz was there too, and now we’re hearing the first previews of what Kodak and Murda were cooking up for Project Baby 2. You can peep two behind-the-scenes clips below, shot by Wavylord.

Kodak also used the occasion to show the world the cover artwork for Project Baby 2. It looks like he has the follow-up to his breakout mixtape on the way. Given the quality of Painting Pictures, we are sure Kodak won’t disappoints us!

#ProjectBaby2 #SG

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Download Kodak Black – Project Baby 2 (zip album)



ERIGGA – A TRIP TO THE SOUTH album download

Nigerian rap act Erigga is back with his new project A Trip To The South

“A Trip To The South“ is a hit-packed impressive 13 tracker with 2 Bonus featuring Duncan Mighty, Orezi, Skales, King Perry and Lamar.
Take a trip to the South for free with Erigga below or buy on iTunes.
1: A Trip to the South – DOWNLOAD

2: Hold Up – DOWNLOAD

3: Ghetto Prayers – DOWNLOAD

4: Lagos (ft Duncan Mighty) – DOWNLOAD

5: You Dey Spit sha (ft Skales) – DOWNLOAD

6: Loyalty – DOWNLOAD


8: Delete – DOWNLOAD

9: Biggie Man (ft Lamar) – DOWNLOAD

10: Bless Me (ft Orezi) – DOWNLOAD

11: Spoil Everywhere – DOWNLOAD

12: Industry Nite (Refix) – DOWNLOAD

13: Outro (Wrong Advice) – DOWNLOAD

14: The Way Your Matter Be – DOWNLOAD

15: Corporate (ft King Perry) – DOWNLOAD

Download Album: Steve Aoki – Steve Aoki Presents Kolony

Download Steve Aoki – Steve Aoki Presents Kolony
Steve Aoki – Steve Aoki Presents Kolony album download
DJ, producer and designer Steve Aoki announced Kolony, a 10-track album chock-full of A-list appearances from the rap world. ILOVEMAKONNEN, Gucci Mane, T-Pain, 2 Chainz, Lil Uzi Vert, Wale, Ma$e and more make appearances on what’s sure to be some truly lit production.
There’s also a ton of collaboration on the production side, with assists from Yellow Claw, DVBBS, Bad Royale and Ricky Remedy.

He paired the announcement with the release of lead single “Night Call,” featuring Migos and Lil Yachty. A super trap beat provides the perfect background for some classic Migos verses and heavily Auto-Tuned singing from Yachty. It’s a departure for Aoki, though the electric neon textures come through with a subtlety that shows Aoki’s growth.

Check out the track listing below 


1. Kolony Anthem (feat. ILoveMakonnen & Bok Nero)

2. Lit (with Yellow Claw; feat. Gucci Mane & T-Pain)

3. Without U (with DVBBS; feat. 2 Chainz)

4. How Else (feat. Rich The Kid & ILoveMakonnen)

5. Been Ballin (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

6. Night Call (feat. Lil Yachty & Migos)

7. $4,000,000 (with Bad Royale; feat. Ma$e & Big Gigantic)

8. If I Told You That I Love You (feat. Wale)

9. No Time (with Bad Royale; feat. Jimmy October)

10. Thank You Very Much (with Ricky Remedy; feat. Sonny Digital)

Download Steve Aoki – Steve Aoki Presents Kolony (zip Album)

Download Album: Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – Stony Hill 

Download Download Album: Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – Stony Hill
Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – Stony Hill album download
Damian Marley made his mark in 2005 on the socially driven single “Welcome to Jamrock,” on which Marley unabashedly addresses the high crime rate that plagues his home country of Jamaica. The record, which peaked at No. 55 on the Billboard Hot 100, netted him a Grammy Award for best urban and alternative performance. Marley’s stock continued to skyrocket when he connected with Nas for their 2010 collaboration album Distant Relatives. The political tandem made Africa a priority, and they donated the proceeds from their album to the struggling continent.
After being away from the spotlight for several years, Marley is back to release his new album Stony Hill on July 21. Ahead of its release, he has gifted his fans several singles, most notably “Nail Pon Cross” and “Medication” alongside brother Stephen Marley. 

After several postponed dates, we finally have the confirmed release date That date also marks Junior Gong’s 39th birthday. 

The release date and some more album facts were revealed recently, when Damian spent some days in Los Angeles, CA to kick off the album promotion, which included A Conversation… @ Grammy Museum on April 18th. On April 20th he did a Q&A with fans via Reddit and another one via a Facebook Live Session (watch it below). The same day he hosted the High Times Magazine + TIDAL X 420 Celebration in Hollyweed, CA. 

The 20th of April ended with the highlight of the official Medication single release. A combination with Stephen ‚Ragga‘ Marley: 
Your leaves of green, Your purples and blues

Has cured little kids, And old women too

And I say to myself, What a wonderful herb

And I say to myself, What a wonderful herb

Peep the track liste below 

Download Album: Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – Stony Hill
Download Album: Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – Stony Hill


01. Intro (1:37)

02. Here We Go (4:44)

03. Nail Pon Cross (3:25)

04. R.O.A.R. (3:23)

05. Medication (feat. Stephen Marley) (3:42)

06. Time Travel (2:52)

07. Living It Up (4:00)

08. Looks Are Deceiving (4:37)

09. The Struggle Discontinues (4:39)

10. Autumn Leaves (5:04)

11. Everybody Wants To Be Somebody (3:40)

12. Upholstery (feat. Major Myjah) (3:50)

13. Grown & Sexy (feat. Stephen Marley) (4:04)

14. Perfect Picture (feat. Stephen Marley) (5:21)

15. So a Child May Follow (4:22)

16. Slave Mill (4:48)

17. Caution (3:57)

18. Speak Life (5:05)

Download Damian Marley – Stony Hill (zip album)

Download Album: Tyler The Creator – Flower Boy

Download Tyler The Creator - Scum Fuck Flower Boy album
Tyler The Creator – Scum Fuck Flower Boy album download
Since the release of his last album, 2015’s Cherry Bomb, Tyler seems to have something to say on his latest, the elegantly titled Scum Fuck Flower Boy, and the Internet at large seems to think that something is “I’m gay. Like actually gay.” It takes even the foggiest memory of his previous work and about two seconds of Googling to get a sense for his previous stance on homosexuality (and women and consensual sex and general hate speech and telling the lesbian duo Tegan and Sara to hit him up for some “hard dick”), so these rumblings of sexuality revelations seem shocking. In terms of his actual sexuality, who cares? In terms of the high probability of Tyler hinting at his gayness on this album to be shocking for shocking’s sake … well that’s just another turd to throw on the heightening pile weighing down his psyche.

If Tyler has something to actually say on this album, well, then let’s hear it and hope he still has what some saw as innovation in him to back it up. But if “gay” is the craziest trick he can think of to pull on us right now, he’s gonna have to try something else in another two years and see if that works out better for him. As for the actual music involved in the release of Scum Fuck Flower Boy, it’s fine. It’s more of the same. It seems to be needing something more. An extra spark of interest. And it looks like his publicity team found a way to insert one.

Boredom”, featuring Corinne Bailey Rae, Rex Orange County, and Anna of the North, is the third single from the album and should not have been a single at all. It’s the type of track you can listen to multiple times with no lasting memory other than to say that, yup, you heard it. It’s a sing-songy drone about “finding some time to do something you like,” which we can help ourselves do by skipping the track in favor of something more dynamic, like “I Ain’t Got Time”, which comes towards the middle of the album and provides a necessary influx of piss and salt, which is what we bought the ticket to this ride for in the first place. (Sike, no one bought anything; this shit leaked weeks ago.) “I Ain’t Got Time” comes in like a rumble as opposed to a whine, and lyrics like “Boy, I need a Kleenex/ How I got this far? Boy, I can’t believe it/ That I got this car, so I took scenic/ Passenger a white boy, look like River Phoenix /First… (Happy birthday!!!)” are the mixture of fun and aggressive that makes a Tyler album tolerable. Some early write-ups of the album pull this mention of River Phoenix here as one of the clues pointing towards Tyler opening up about his sexuality, but River Phoenix doesn’t count because I think even my dad, who’s a Chicago butcher, would have considered a stab at that.

Who Dat Boy”, featuring A$AP Rocky, is another single from the album and more deserving than the previously mentioned “Boredom”, although the association doesn’t help his case much. A$AP Rocky was charged with assault in 2013 for allegedly slapping a woman during his August 31st performance at JAY-Z’s Made in America festival, and just recently A$AP Mob co-founder A$AP Bari was put in a position to face sexual assault charges after a video popped up showing him sexually assaulting a woman. For an artist like Tyler, who will be the first to point out that he’s not a misogynist, the company he keeps and the names he adds to his albums tends to consistently prove otherwise.

The Kali Uchis-featuring “See You Again” showcases what we’re supposed to believe is the softer side of Tyler, but it’s just so damn hard to believe anything as being genuine on this entire thing. Across the board, the stink mentioned at the top of this review is turning out to be horse shit. The lines “You don’t understand me, what the fuck do you mean/ It’s them rose to the cheeks, yeah it’s them dirt-colored eyes/ Sugar honey iced tea, bumblebee on the scene/ Yeah, I’d give up my bakery to have a piece of your pie/ Yugh!” are hollow apart from the “Yugh,” which is said like a puke noise and is the only bit that rings at all sincere.

“Garden Shed”, featuring Estelle, is dynamic in its cacophony, mixing fast, deep beats with strumming guitars and piano. The poetic quality of Estelle’s delivery layers nicely with the grumble bumble of Tyler’s signature voice, but still, lyrics like “Truth is, since a youth kid, thought it was a phase/ Thought it’d be like the Frank; poof, gone/ But, it’s still goin’ on” remind us that this is all phony bologna, albeit somewhat enjoyable phony bologna, which is status quo.

Songs like “911/Mr. Lonely”, which can’t even be saved by a Frank Ocean verse, “Droppin’ Seeds”, featuring Lil Wayne, which is great but only a head-scratching minute long, and “Glitter”, which seems like an actual joke, don’t raise the average much here, but now’s as good a time as any to reveal that this is a positive album review. No really. It is. We love this album and would never call it a “bitch” or a “hoe” in real life. Ask anyone.

Now after much anticipation, Tyler made even more news with the actual album title.

According to Pitchfork, a rep for Tyler has confirmed that the album will simply be called Flower Boy. It is already listed under that name on multiple streaming sites. As per the conversation with Tyler’s people, the longer version of title was only an “unofficial” moniker.

This comes as somewhat of a surprise, as Tyler, The Creator has used the title Scum F**k Flower Boy in several tweets concerning the album and its release date. He even put the acronym “SFFB” in the description of the YouTube videos of previously released tracks for the LP. Flower Boy drops this Friday (July 21st) and will feature four already-available songs: “Who Dat Boy?,” “911 / Mr. Lonely,” “Boredom,” and “I Ain’t Got Time!.”

Tyler finally releases Flower Boy Album.


1. Foreword (feat. Can & Rex Orange County)

2. Where This Flower Blooms (feat. Frank Ocean)

3. Sometimes…

4. See You Again (feat. Kali Uchis)

5. Who Dat Boy? (feat. A$AP Rocky)

6. Pothole (feat. Jaden Smith & Roy Ayers)

7. Garden Shed (feat. Estelle)

8. Boredom

9. I Ain’t Got Time!

10. 911 / Mr. Lonely (feat. Frank Ocean, ScHoolboy Q, Steve Lacy & Anna of the North)

11. Dropping Seeds (feat. Lil Wayne)

12. November

13. Glitter

14. Enjoy Right Now Today

Stream below

Download Tyler The Creator – Flower Boy (zip Album)

Download Album: Drake – Take Care 2

Download Album: Drake - Take Care 2
Download Album: Drake – Take Care 2
Music fans of one of the biggest music stars are evidently salivating at the thought of a sequel to his 2011 Grammy Award-winning album Take Care.

Drake fueled rumors of a possible Take Care 2 project by posting a simple Instagram photo of him posed similarly to the original Take Care album cover, which featured him dressed in a black sweatsuit with an exposed chest accessorized by a few gold necklaces and an inquisitive look on his face.

Sonically, Take Care has been considered one of Drizzy’s best albums and received extensive amounts of high praises from music critics. Since then, 6 God fans have been lusting after a return to the R&B sound that Take Care delivered thanks to The Weeknd and, of course, Noah “40” Shebib.

The project earned several Top 10 hits, including “Make Me Proud” featuring Nicki Minaj and the Rihanna-assisted “Take Care.” Consequently, the album sold over four million copies and certified double-platinum.

While it’s not confirmed the OVO boss is delivering a Take Care sequel, it looks like if he did, his die hard fans are ready — like now.

Download Drake – Take Care 2

Download Album: Mura Masa – Mura Masa

Download Album: Mura Masa – Mura Masa
Mura Masa – Mura Masa album download

With a nice buzz built for himself recently thanks to the Desiigner-led song “All Around The World,” British producer Mura Masa decides to come through today & release his long awaited self-titled debut album.

Laced with 13 tracks, the uptempo project features contributions from A$AP Rocky, Desiigner, Bonzai, Charli XCX, NAO, Jamie Lidell, Christine and the Queens, Damon Albarn, and Tom Tripp. Masa says, “It’s a collection of cultural moments, bringing together a lot of unlikely collaborators… Having David Albarn right next to Desiigner on the front cover [laughs].””

“I wanted it to be self-titled and self-made. Everything on there… I played every instrument and I produced every song,” Masa said.


1. Messy Love

2. Nuggets (feat. Bonzai)

3. Love$ick (feat. A$AP Rocky)

4. 1 Night (feat. Charli XCX)

5. All Around The World (feat. Desiigner)

6. give me The ground

7. What If I Go (feat. Bonzai)

8. Firefly (feat. Nao)

9. NOTHING ELSE! (feat. Jamie Lidell)

10. helpline (feat. Tom Tripp)

11. Second 2 None (feat. Christine & The Queens)

12. Who Is It Gonna B (feat. A. K. Paul)

13. Blu (feat. Damon Albarn)

Download Album: Rae Sremmurd – SremmLife 3

A year after dropping SremmLife 2, the duo of Slim Jxmmi and Swae Lee is wrapping up the series’ third installment.

During his visit to the U.K.’s Wireless Festival, Swae provided an update on his solo work and SremmLife 3. “We got ‘Unforgettable’ going crazy and I got a whole album full of songs like that,” he told Tim Westwood. “Then, we got a whole SremmLife 3, the next project coming soon. We ’bout done with that mug already. ‘Bout to wrap it up.”

Watch the interview 

Fans might get a taste of the album soon, according to Lee. “We might just throw out some turn-up songs,” he said. “We got this song called ‘Pegasus.’ We might just throw that joint out. [It’s a] banger, produced by Mike WiLL Made-It

Unable to wait for the release, Swae previewed the thumping track on Instagram. “Jumped in a Pegasus,” he raps. “All kinda reckless, the necklace / All kinda reckless, I flexed it.”

🎠🎠Wanna drop this Heat off "Pegasus" Produced by @tmf_jbo & @mikewillmadeit 🔥🔥🔥

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Rae Sremmurd first announced SremmLife 3 back in April, when they also teased another new energetic song called “Ballin’ So Crazy.”

In 2015, Jxmmi and Swae broke onto the scene with the original SremmLife, which entered at No. 5. Last year, the duo dropped the sequel, which debuted at No. 4.
Pick up the album below 

Download Rae Sremmurd – Sremmlife 3 (zip album)

Download Album: Lana Del Rey – Lust For Life

Download Download: Lana Del Rey – Lust For Life Album
Lana Del Rey – Lust For Life album download
Lana Del Rey releases her Lust For Life album.

Produced with longtime collaborators including Rick Nowels and Emilie Haynie, it’s not likely to be a massive sonic departure for the California-based torch singer. But for the first time on a Lana Del Rey album, we’ll hear voices besides Lana herself.

The album includes the previously released collaborations with The Weeknd, A$AP Rocky, and Playboi Carti, as well as features from Stevie Nicks and Sean Ono Lennon. The tracklist also includes previously released single “Love” and “Coachella – Woodstock In My Mind.”

Lana also released the title track Lust For Life which features The Weeknd.

On Wednesday, Lana Del Rey premiered two new singles: “Summer Bummer,” with A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti, and “Groupie Love,” with A$AP Rocky. 

Del Rey’s collaboration with Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac is called “Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems.” The pair discussed the song in an interview for V magazine last month. Del Rey also shared the titles of two additional songs, “God Bless America” and “When the World Was at War We Just Kept Dancing.

According to a separate interview conducted by Courtney Love, Del Rey’s song featuring Sean Lennon is titled “Tomorrow Never Came,” and mentions his parents, John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Del Rey confirmed another song title, “Yosemite,” to BBC Radio 1 in April.

See the full tracklist for Lust For Life below.
Lana Del Rey Lust For Life tracklist:

1. “Love

2. “Lust for Life f. The Weeknd

3. “13 Beaches

4. “Cherry

5. “White Mustang

6. “Summer Bummer” f. A$AP Rocky & Playboi Carti

7. “Groupie Love” f. A$AP Rocky

8. “In My Feelings

9. “Coachella – Woodstock in My Mind

10. “God Bless America – And all the Beautiful Women in It

11. “When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing

12. “Beautiful People Beautiful Problems” f. Stevie Nicks

13. “Tomorrow Never Came” f. Sean Ono Lennon

14. “Heroin

15. “Change

16. “Get Free

Pick Up Lust For Life Album below

Download Lana Del Rey – Lust For Life (zip Album)

Download Album: Meek Mill – “Wins & Losses”

Download Album: Meek Mill - Wins & Losses
Meek Mill – Wins & Losses album download
Meek Mill’s third studio album Wins & Losses is here. 

The Rapper confirmed that the name of the project is Wins & Losses, which Rick Ross teased a couple months back.


Watch Rick Ross Announce Wins and Losses

The Philly rapper provided some background on the title, which Rick Ross announced last week, in a new video segment with Spotify.

“Yeah, I got an album coming. I haven’t released the date yet, but it’s called Wins & Losses. You know if it’s called Wins & Losses, we got a lot to talk about,” Meek shares with the host. “Yea, it’s done. I turn it in tomorrow. Like, it’s final deadline or it’s no album from Meek Mill. It’s turned in, it’s done. All we doing is mixing and mastering it. It sounds spectacular.

As you might expect, the album will find Meek defining the wins and losses he’s experienced in his life, but also how they shaped him. “I’m still trying to find the definition of a win and a loss,” he said, revealing the project would be about “what molded me to being Meek Mill, the trials and tribulations of my life that made me as strong as I am today.”

Meek then suggested that there were a few clear triumphs in his career. “When I got my first deal, signed with Rozay, that was a win,” he said. “When I lost my freedom and caught my case, it was kind of like a win too. The judge put me through a lot, sent me back and forth to jail, but it taught me a lot. It started out as a loss but I turned it into a win.” Meek later explained that the death of his protege, Lil Snupe, at age 18, was a true loss for the rapper.

From starting beef with Drake because he mistakenly thought he dissed him to his lame excuse for not responding to Drake’s “Back to Back” to degrading a homeless man on social media, the past 24 months have not been kind to Meek Mill. And that’s without getting into his relationship with Nicki Minaj falling apart in front of the entire world social media or his infamous trip and fall down the stairs of his mother’s house.

Ultimately, though, the only thing that really matters is the music.
Two years ago, Meek’s ill-conceived Twitter attack on Drake changed the narrative in less than 30 days from “Meek Mill is Now Hip-Hop’s 3rd Best Selling Rapper of 2015” to “We All Agree Meek Mill Lost His Beef With Drake After “Wanna Know” Right?” While it will be hard for Meek to ever fully remove that stain from his career—just like Drake will never be able to completely scrub away the ghostwriting association—releasing a quality body of work can once again change the narrative.

Regardless of the scoreboard, perseverance is what got Meek where he is today. “You can’t make me feel like I’m losing,” he said. “That’s why, through all this shit, I always stayed chin up.”

Within the last month, Meek has released the Meekend Music EP, the Honorable C.N.O.T.E-produced “Glow Up,” and the Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign-assisted “Whatever You Need” and Young Black American which featured The-Dream. On Friday night, he previewed a new track on Instagram.

Meek also shared the album cover 

WINS & LOSSES 7/21 We will address everything!!! 3rd STUDIO ALBUM!!! #winsandlosses

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WINS AND LOSSES!!! 7/21 MY 3rd "really 4th" STUDIO ALBUM!!! Let's get it

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Download Album: Meek Mill - Wins and Losses
Meek Mill – Wins and Losses album download

Meek also announced that a Wins And Losses movie was also on the way, dropping the same day.

Wins & losses movie on the way also!!!!! Feeding the streets!!! 7/21 @spikejordan

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Check out the official track listing 




05. 1942 FLOWS













Pick up the album below 

Download Meek Mill – Wins and Losses (zip Album)