SUICIDEBOYS – The Evil That Men Do (download)

SUICIDEBOYS - The Evil That Men Do (download)

SUICIDEBOYS - The Evil That Men Do (download)

Here is SUICIDEBOYS – The Evil That Men Do (download). The song released with streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music act.

Ruby da Cherry
When I die, auction off all my body parts
Let’s see what Oddy cost, summon my skull to shawty’s cross
Got all these opps on my dick, like it’s made of metal
Makin’ so much money, it’s like my boss is the devil
She knows me, she loves me, now I ran out of petals
Within the ground of those bits, I rip this phony stem forever
I portray all my pain in an homage to my sufferin’ saint tale
I been recoverin’, I’m staining your world grey, y’all get back to colouring

Verse 3: Ruby da Cherry
Who the fuck say Ruby done lost his touch?
Blame my success on lots of luck
But lots of luck ain’t gonna get your bitch unfucked
Blame my absence on the fact that my dick got stuck
Call me Evergreen, your bitch never seen like she lost touch
Beggin’ me, she wants a jump fuck
We chuffed, don’t fuck with drama, cash
Is it time to collect ash, but the stash, I guess I’ll smash
Pull off in the Glee-Wagon, fucked up, I might crash
Just thoughts revealing from the half of me that is white trash

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