PinkPantheress & WILLOW – Where You Are (download)

PinkPantheress & WILLOW - Where You Are (download)

PinkPantheress & WILLOW - Where You Are (download)

Here is PinkPantheress & WILLOW – Where You Are (download). The song released with streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music acts.

Earlier this year, PinkPantheress was named as the winner of BBC Radio 1’s Sound Of 2022.

“I’m honestly gassed, my dad’s going to be so happy!” she told the BBC about the win. “I had self-belief from the beginning but when other people start telling you stuff like this, it genuinely keeps you going.”

She also said that her fans should “expect a feature or two” in terms of new music in 2022. “I’ve been a bit of a lone wolf so far, but I’ve been really trying to get into my collaboration bag. That’s the thing I’m most excited for.”

The rising Bath-born, London-based artist, who released her debut mixtape ‘To Hell With It’ back in October and recently featured in the NME 100, teased the potential link-up while speaking to fans on TikTok back in January.

While previewing a new track on the video-sharing app, PinkPantheress replied to one fan who commented: “I feel like Willow Smith needs to be on this.”

“You have been heard,” PinkPantheress replied. “Da collaboration I dreamt of for years… brb crying.”

I suffer in silence, I still don’t know why I guess
I move for another (Another)
A flower, I’m growin’, will pick today, I chose it
To leave you tonight, you don’t want it, do you? (Do you, do you, do you)

[Pre-Chorus: PinkPantheress & WILLOW]
Oh-oh, oh
I don’t know what to do
I wish that I’d never met you, no oh

[Bridge: PinkPantheress]
Just last year I’ve been through
Terrible feelings that you didn’t once let me choose
And I look back when we’re old, reminiscing at home
So hard to find someone else
[Chorus: PinkPantheress, WILLOW]
So please tell me where you are, are, are, are, are, arе, are
Now my life’s a downward spiral, got my broken hеart recy—
Please tell me where you are, are, are, are, are
I’ve lost sight of what to do, don’t spend one day in my shoes, no
Tell me where you are, are, are, are, are (Oh, oh, oh)
You tell me it will be okay, but I know it will never be the same (This feeling)
You would never work with me, baby
Please tell me that you wanted me again

[Verse 2: WILLOW]
Never thought I’d wanna just jump right out my head
Never really thought I’d ever question what you said
In my bed, in my room, I can’t forget
So many hopes, so many dreams
No, it isn’t what it fuckin’ seems

PinkPantheress WILLOW Where You Are download below.


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