Sam Fender – Seventeen Going Under (download)

Sam Fender – Seventeen Going Under (download)

Sam Fender – Seventeen Going Under (download)

Here is Sam Fender – Seventeen Going Under (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music act.

Produced alongside Bramwell Bronte, Fender’s upcoming LP will see him “turning the mirror on himself; his adolescence and the trials and tribulations of growing up,” a press release reads.

“It’s a relatable journey that careers through an often misspent youth, navigating tumultuous relationships with both friends and family, and trying to figure out what comes next and how to get there.

UK singer-songwriter is set to drop his sophomore album, Seventeen Going Under, set for release on October 8 via Polydor Records. Seventeen Going Under follows up his Hypersonic Missiles project, which debuted at No.1 in the UK.

The album was both recorded and set in his native North Shields and was produced with his longtime friend and producer, Bramwell Bronte. “This album is a coming-of-age story. It’s about growing up. It’s a celebration of life after hardship, and it’s a celebration of surviving,” shares Fender.

Often referred to as “Geordie Springsteen,” the singer-songwriter also recently covered his hero in a heartbreaking rendition of “Atlantic City.”


I remember the sickness was forever
I remember snuff videos
Cold Septembers, the distances we covered
The fist fights on the beach, the bizzies round us up
Do it all again next week
Embryonic love
The first time that it scarred
Embarrass yourself for someone
Crying like a child
And the boy who kicked Tom’s head in
Still bugs me now
That’s the thing it lingers
And claws you when you’re down

I was far too scared to hit him
But I would hit him in a heartbeat now
That’s the thing with anger
It begs to stick around
So it can fleece you of your beauty
And leave you spent with nowt to offer
It makes you hurt the ones who love you
You hurt them like they’re nothing

See I spent my teens enraged
Spiralling in silence
And arm myself with a grin
Cos I was always the fuckin’ joker
Buried in the humour
Amongst the white noise and boys’ boys
Locker room talkin’ lads’ lads
Drenched in cheap drink and snide fags
A mirrored picture of my old man
Oh god the kid’s a dab hand
Canny chanter but he looks sad
God, the kid looks so sad

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