LANY – Dancing in the kitchen (download)

LANY – Dancing in the kitchen (download)

LANY – Dancing in the kitchen (download)

Here is LANY – Dancing in the kitchen (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the Pop music acts.


[Verse 1]
City lights looking like eyes underneath the stars
Beautiful, but I’d rather be right here where we are
Go and tell your friends, we’re running late again
What you think? Pour another drink and call off the car

I could spend a thousand nights right here inside this room

Mhm, swear the only one I want is you
And it doesn’t matter what we do
We could have nothing at all and still feel like nothing’s missing
Now we’re moving like we’re on the moon
Dom Pérignon drip on our shoes
We could fly around the world, but we always end up

Dancing in the kitchen
Dancing in the kitchen

[Verse 2]
I don’t mind if this whole town goes up in flames
As long as I got you with me, I’ma be okay
Slide across the floor, I’m forever yours, yeah
What you think? Pour another drink, put it on repeat

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