Lana Del Rey – Text Book (download)

Lana Del Rey – Text Book (download)

Lana Del Rey – Text Book (download)

Here is Lana Del Rey – Text Book (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music act.

This new single is the second release from Lana. The first was titled Wildflower Wildfire.


I guess you could call it text book
I was looking for the father I wanted back
And I thought I found it in Brentwood
It seemed only appropriate you’d easily have my back

And then there was the issue of her
I didn’t even like myself, or love the life I had
And there you were with shinin’ stars
Standin’ blue with open arms
You touched the detriment, most of the friends I knew already had

You’ve got a Thunderbird, my daddy had one too
Let’s rewrite history, I’ll do this dance with you
You know I’m not that girl, you know I’ll never be
Maybe just the way we’re different could set me free
And there we were, screamin’ “Black Lives Matter” in a crowd
By the Old Man River, and I saw you saw who I am
God, I wish I was with my father, he could see us in all our splendor
All the things I couldn’t want for him
I screamed for them, oh, oh, oh
And screamed for them, ah

Could we do this dance again?
Do you think if I go blonde, we could get our old love back?
I guess this is really the end
I never felt jealous before this year, but I’m jealous now

Old Man River keeps rollin’
With or without him
Old Man River keeps rollin’
Without him, oh my old man
Old Man River keeps rollin’, oh

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