DJ Khaled Speaks To A Marketing Mogul About Will Smith’s Dark Side

 DJ Khaled Speaks To A Marketing Mogul About Will Smith's Dark Side

DJ Khaled and marketing giant Steve Stoute exchanged some interesting dinner conversations about Will Smith.

The juicy details were captured on video and later posted on DJ Khaled’s Instagram page. During their discussions, Steve Stoute spoke about his connection to Will Smith, revealing a side of Smith that seems to only be visible behind the scenes.

The conversations that celebrities have with one another tend to only be broadcast in moments of blackmail, divorce, drunken stupors, or on a live podcast. This is what made this particular post unique.

It was a seemingly casual dinner conversation that revealed way more than most of us ever know about legendary funny-maker, Will Smith.

DJ Khaled tried to rush to Smith’s defense, but from what we can gather from this post, it seems there are sides of Will Smith’s personality that really aren’t ‘fun’ or ‘funny’ at all.

It’s not entirely clear why this conversation was being recorded, but we’re glad it was. Steve was casually talking about the beginnings of his career as DJ Khaled explored the seafood that was spread on the table before him.

The more he spoke, the more interesting the nature of his conversation became. What started as being a summary of his success ended up revealing the dark side of Will Smith that most fans never even knew existed.

Steve shared a story about how Will Smith was dropped by Jive Records as DJ Khaled listened intently. He started off by saying; “Will Smith was dropped by Jive and when Jive dropped him, I signed him and we made Men In Black.”

This was already a news flash to many listeners, but nobody had any idea as to what sort of information would come next.

Making direct reference to Will Smith, Steve went on to say; “SWV sang on Men In Black but didn’t wanna be in the video with him.”

The conversation was in full swing and Steve went on to drop a bomb by saying; “SWV turned down being in a Men In Black video because they couldn’t stand being next to Will Smith.”

At this point DJ Khaled was in shock, as Steve went on to say Will was “so cold”. Caught completely off guard, DJ Khaled stated “it don’t matter, Will Smith’s the biggest.” but it’s evident that not everyone is in agreement with that comment.

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