LANY – mama’s boy Album (download)

LANY – mama’s boy Album (download)

LANY – mama’s boy Album (download)

Here is LANY – mama’s boy album (download) with Mp3 full zip [320kbps]. The new LP is the latest music effort by the pop music act.

“The album comes out really soon, and I’m happy to say there are quite a few songs on it that we feel the same way about,” he said in a note to fans. “If it wasn’t our best yet, we simply wouldn’t give it to you.”

“Someone asked me where I was from and somewhere, out of my spirit, I just said ‘Man, I’m from Oklahoma!’,” says frontperson Paul Klein. “It was a weird sense of pride, to be from the middle of nowhere.”

Of the album, he adds: “There was only one person in the world I cared about hearing [last album] Malibu Nights. Now, there’s not one person in the world I don’t want to hear mama’s boy.”

01. you! (4:34)
02. cowboy in LA (3:34)
03. heart won’t let me (3:19)
04. if this is the last time (3:24)
05. i still talk to jesus (4:16)
06. paper (4:04)
07. good guys (3:45)
08. sharing you (3:29)
09. bad news (3:31)
10. when you’re drunk (3:32)
11. anything 4 u (3:14)
12. sad (3:20)
13. (what i wish just one person would say to me) aka happy for you (3:34)
14. nobody else (3:17)

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