Russ – Aw Aw (download)

Russ - Aw Aw (download)

Russ - Aw Aw (download)

Here is Russ – Aw Aw (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the rap music act. Produced by himself, Russ gets loose with the flow and keeps the heads turning with the whimsical release.

I just came from Crucial, I threw forty, then said, “Adios” (Bye)
I may not be perfect, but shit, I’m probably close
I’m off it ’cause my fragrance work the night shift and thе day shift (Ah)
Angel in the day, demon at night, shе likes to shapeshift
I can’t take it when I’m gone, that’s why I’m splurgin’
Baby got a wall up, no surprise, we met in Berlin
If you’ve never fucked a millionaire, then you a virgin
Me, myself, and I, I don’t know someone more deservin’ (Come on)

Slouched when you talk thousands
Bring up millions, then I’m sittin’ up
Movin’ back, ’cause you doing bad, I ain’t cool with that
Couple in my crew, Atlanta Brave with the St. Louis hat
Who is that? Doin’ the impossible, young Neo (Uh)
Who is that? Me, myself, and I, that’s the trio
We gon’- (Come on)

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Listen to the full song after the cut.


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