Rick Ross – Pinned To The Cross (download)

Rick Ross - Pinned To The Cross (download)

Rick Ross - Pinned To The Cross (download)

Here is Rick Ross – Pinned To The Cross (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the rap music veteran.

Just through his Verzuz battle with 2 Chainz, Ross previewed the song near the end of their session shortly before releasing the track. The track features supporting vocals from Finn Matthews, as well as production from Fuse of 808 Mafia and AraabMuzik. Thre record also follows up his recent collaboration with Paloma Ford on her new single, “All For Nothing.”

Where you’re forced to be, feeling strangers can see that you killers
Detrimental to my upbringing that, I feel so abandoned
I was lost and confused and therefore had nothing to lose
Now I’m running of racket, nigga got cut from the news
I just wanna be free, another black man on the run
We was pinned to the cross since our birth under the sun
Ain’t no hate in my heart, I’ve adapted to rage
Step off the stage, pussy nigga right back in the cage
Now we burning the streets, Christ to the cross
Our position is blatant (Blatant), rightfully lost
Less empowered, the people don’t even sign the petitions
Peace and Revelations, scriptures keep on blinding these Christians
I’m in search of the truth (Truth), we each have a flaw (Flaw)
Soon as Dre at the roof, she file for divorce
Angels go get a broke, never making no loss
Terry Crews is another coon who was basically bought

This my moment of glory, grandiose is the dollar
Always postin’ your sneakers, you’re the one that they follow
I’m a born to be leader, such a collection of knowledge
Are we dead or alive? Unforgettable highs
Know the Lord leggin’ down for the day that we rise
Got my pistols alone me, niggas might Christopher zone me
Black on black issues over, principles peep, you’re up on it
Who got the most money while it’s yet to be seen?
‘Cause I’m still counting mine, such an incredible thing
It’s secret true wealth, great example for niggas
You decide at yourself, I can see that it business
We still in the trenches where they made us relentless
Where the real war is literal, where the hate is tremendous

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Listen to the full song after the cut.


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