Poppy – I Disagree (Album Download)

Poppy – I Disagree (Album Download)

Poppy shares her new album, “I Disagree.” Available for download and streaming, the new album holds 10 songs. This is the third album since her exit from her former label. Off the album, the singer has released a number os singles.

Seapaking about the body of work, Poppy had this to say:

I’m not really considering any of the new music to be metal just because of the juxtaposition to pop music. I’m leaving it for the listener to decide what genre it is. [When] we went into the process of making the album, we just wanted ultimate freedom and no rules. I feel like we accomplished that.

01. Concrete (3:20)
02. I Disagree (3:13)
03. BLOODMONEY (3:02)
04. Anything Like Me (3:19)
05. Fill The Crown (3:32)
06. Nothing I Need (2:49)
07. Sit / Stay (3:54)
08. Bite Your Teeth (2:42)
09. Sick of the Sun (3:11)
10. Don’t Go Outside (6:06)

Listen and download the I disagree album by Poppy below.

Download Poppy – I Disagree

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