Drake & Future – I Know (New Song)

Drake & Future - I Know (New Song)

Drake & Future new song “I Know” leaked

Drake and Future new song just got released and music fans are ecstatic. The leaked song, which is tentatively titled “I Know,” surfaced on streaming platforms this weekend, but has since been removed. Future even teased a track on his Instagram page in June of 2019, which further sparked rumors of the album landing before the end of 2019.

The track was allegedly leaked by an engineer and turned out to be the same track that Future previewed back in June last year.

You got that fire and I’m not a liar
You had me down on my knees everyday, had to talk to Messiah
I’m in that ’81 and this that ’82, this a different Ferrari, yeah
I tried to pay all of your loans off and cop you a driver, yeah
I had to stand too close to the city
You actin’ too vulnerable livin’ this life
I shoulda moved you away from Houston, before I copped you all this ice
You wanna be my number one, you’re not actin’ like the main thing
I let you play my number two, you barely made the section

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Drake last night at his NYE party at his house in Toronto.

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2015 saw the release of one of the best collaborative projects of the last decade in the form of Drake and Future’s What A Time To Be Alive mixtape.

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