Rings of Saturn – Gidim [Album Download]

Rings of Saturn – Gidim [Album Download]

Rings of Saturn – Gidim [Album Download]

Rings of Saturn land on our pages with this new album titled “Gidim.” Available for download and streaming, their latest music project lists 10 tracks. Our love for Metal music has increased over the years as we get exposed to the music genre.

Lucas Mann comments, “We always try to raise the bar with each album made. »Gidim« is a callback to RINGS OF SATURN’s roots. The fan favorite parts of »Dingir« and»Lugal Ki En« have been considered for inclusion and expansion on »Gidim.«”

Gidim« was recorded by Lucas Mann of Mann Studios with the exception of vocals, which were tracked by Mark Lewis of Audiohammer Studio and drums recorded by Marco “Lord Marco” Pitruzzella. Mark Lewis also handled the mixing and mastering. The album includes guest performances from Dan Watson of ENTERPRISE EARTH, Charles Caswell of BERRIED ALIVE and Yo Onityan. The album artwork was created by Mark Cooper.

1. Pustules (Ft Charles Caswell)
2. Divine Authority
3. Hypodermis Glitch (Ft Dan Watson)
4. Bloated And Stiff
5. Tormented Consciousness (Ft Yo Onityan)
6. The Husk
7. Mental Prolapse
8. Genetic Inheritance
9. Face Of The Wormhole
10. Gidim (Instrumental)

Listen and download below.

Download Rings of Saturn – Gidim

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