Poppy – Heavy Metal [New Song]

Poppy – Heavy Metal [Download]

Poppy – Heavy Metal [New Song]

Poppy just released a new song titled “Heavy Metal.” Available for download and streaming, The song is an outtake from the “Bubblebath” EP. The song was leaked on October 8th, 2019. Poppy released a video for the song “Concrete,” which finds her drifting away from bubblegum pop and into our realm.

The song is in a constant state of stylistic flux, instantly transitioning from eerie electronic music and whispered vocals to shredding metallic fury and right back into her bubblegum pop roots.


[Verse 1]
You’re well designed but you’ve never been the sharpest knife
Perfect on the surface but the circuitry is wrong inside
A year and a day but I’ve never once seen you cry
Six feet deep in excuses till I’m buried alive

I’m just made of flesh and bone
Born into a world of drones
Wires wrapped around my neck
Survivor of the wreck

Yeah, yeah!
The smile you keep is breaking your teeth
Not me ’cause I’m not made of metal
Yeah, yeah!
There’s life when I breathe
There’s blood when I bleed
I’m free ’cause I’m not made of metal
I’m ready to go
Walk through what I’m supposed to do
I’m better than gold ’cause I’m not made of metal
Yeah, yeah!
I carry the crown, no slick to the sound
I’m free ’cause I’m not made of metal


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