Video Of 6ix9ine & Casanova’s Barclays Shooting Surfaces: Watch

The Footage Of 6ix9ine & Casanova’s Barclays Shooting Surfaces. The multi-camera footage shows everything that went down.

The testimony of Tekashi 6ix9ine, real name Daniel Hernandez, may have been explosive to the hip hop world as it occurred in real-time, but the aftermath is just as compelling.

Ever since he took to the stand as an informant for the government in his kidnapping trial, there has been leaked footage from incidents involving the shamed rapper. A dashboard cam showed the moment Hernandez was kidnapped by his own associates, and now the footage from 2018’s shooting at the Barclays Center has surfaced.

In April 2018, Hernandez’s crew came toe-to-toe with Brooklyn rapper Casanova’s squad at the venue on Adrien Broner’s fight night. Understandably, Hernandez was banned from Barclays and later, an associate of the rapper named Fuguan “Fubanger” Lovick was named as the shooter. There was surveillance footage of the incident that helped authorities finger Lovick as their perpetrator. Now, that footage has been made public.

Viewers can see the moment the scuffle between the two groups before everyone scatters after a shot is fired. Hernandez looks noticeably nervous as security has a difficult time separating the two crews.

At the end of the video, there is selfie-cam footage of Hernandez trash-talking about how scared the other group was as he made fun of them for running away when they heard the shot.

“His whole squad hit the floor!” Hernandez said as he laughed about the incident. “TreyWay sh*t.” Watch the video below.

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