Lady Blasts Tboss: You Were Chopping Married Man In The Closet, Now It Has Been Exposed

Lady Blasts Tboss: You Were Chopping Married Man In The Closet, Now It Has Been Exposed

Lady Blasts Tboss: You Were Chopping Married Man In The Closet, Now It Has Been Exposed

There have been speculations that former BBNaija reality TV star, TBoss is pregnant, but these recently shared photos on social might put the rumours to rest. A Facebook user had taken to her page to share photos of the reality TV star showing up at a popular diagnostic clinic in Abuja for an unknown reason. From the photos shared on Facebook, we would love for you guys to give your final verdict.

“Guess who I met at MEDICAID RADIO_DIAGNOSTIC CENTER @WUSE2 Today??? HEAVILY Pregnant Ex BBN CELEBRITY. HANTY is time u stop insulting ur followers n denying being pregnant. Wonder what’s bad in celebrity being pregnant, dat u hv to deny it n insult pple. Forgetting dat as long as u remain in NAIJA we go see u somwia na. 😂😂😂 By d way, she looks way prettier in reality than on screen. Wishing her safe delivery,” she wrote.

Instagram user, Bold Pink took to social media to blast former BBNaija’s housemate, Tboss for refusing to reveal who is responsible for her pregnancy.

According to her, the reality was impregnated by a married man that is the reason she is hiding the identity.

“You were chopping married man in the closet, now it has been exposed…” She said.

She also said Ubi franklin denied the pregnancy and it couldn’t be for Uti Nwachukwu because according to her, he is gay…

The reality TV star made this known via her Instagram Live on Sunday, June 2, 2019. According to her, they have never gotten intimate to the point where they had to share a kiss.

“Let me just swear to you guys today, me and Ubi we have had nothing intimate when I say…we have haven’t as much as kiss…never…no,” she said. She went on to share a series of post where she revealed the reason behind her video.

Ubi Franklin says he is just friends with TBoss and has never had anything intimate with the reality TV star.
The music mogul and businessman made this known while granting an interview with Daddy Freeze on his YouTube channel. According to Ubi, he doesn’t even know where TBoss resides in Abuja. He went on to advise people to change the mindset of thinking that a man working with a woman means they have a romantic relationship going on.

“I can tell you this, I never asked TBoss out, I have never done anything with her, you know, I don’t even know where she lives. I’m not responsible for her pregnancy. I have never in my life gone to her house…you can ask her, I don’t even know her house. And she is this kind of person that she does not like to disturb people.

“I can be in Abuja and she would know I am in Abuja and she will not even call me. Maybe if there is work that she needs to do, she would do it and then she goes. We need to correct this perception that if you are working with a girl that means you are doing something with the girl,” he said.

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