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Download MP3: Young Thug – Relationship Ft Future

Young Thug has released “Relationship” Featuring Future which is a quick teaser for his much anticipated Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls album today (June 13). The racy video features a gang of masked bandits kidnapping a new victim for what appears to be some type

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‘Smaller’ size keeps women loyal to men

Does size of your penis worry you a lot? Stop thinking and get on with the act as a study reveals that women are more loyal to men with ‘smaller’ penises. A team of researchers from the US and Kenya found that there was a

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Signs you’ve fallen out of love

  You won’t get into a relationship without knowing that it will last, will you? The sad news though, is that you can fall out of love and for reasons that might not be within your grasp. These are a few. Change: We all go