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Download MP3: Young Thug – Relationship Ft Future

Download MP3: Young Thug – Relationship Ft Future
Young Thug – Relationship Ft Future mp3 download

Young Thug has released “Relationship” Featuring Future which is a quick teaser for his much anticipated Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls album today (June 13). The racy video features a gang of masked bandits kidnapping a new victim for what appears to be some type of underground Thugger ritual.,Back in late April, Young Thug announced the album E.B.B.T.G. (Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls).


Sticking to his most recent promise, Young Thug delivers his first full-length project of 2017. Renamed to BEAUTIFUL THUGGER GIRLS, the 14-track LP leans heavy on melody, tapping into genres like R&B, Reggae, and even Country. Future, Snoop Dogg, Lil’ Durk, and Jacquees all make guest appearances on Beautiful Thugger Girls, out now on iTunes.Back in April, the YSL artist announced E.B.B.T.G.

Listen below

Download Young Thug – Relationship ft Future (MP3)


‘Smaller’ size keeps women loyal to men

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Does size of your penis worry you a lot? Stop thinking and get on with the act as a study reveals that women are more loyal to men with ‘smaller’ penises.

A team of researchers from the US and Kenya found that there was a strange link between the size of the penis and infidelity in a marriage.

Contrary to what many men may assume, they found that men with bigger penises are more likely to have wives who cheat on them.

“The reason is that women experience more painful sex when their partner is ‘big’. That prompts them to seek another partner whom they may have more pleasurable sex,” the study noted.

The study was conducted among the fishermen community in Lake Victoria in Kisumu County, Kenya.

One of the women said that she had to look for another man with a “smaller one” so that she could “do it in a way” she could enjoy.

According to the study, published in the journal PloS One, other possible reasons of a woman’s infidelity in a marriage include denying her a preferred sex position as well as domestic violence.

Extramarital affairs may also happen when a woman is sexually dissatisfied, the study, reported by International Business Times, said.

Signs you’ve fallen out of love



You won’t get into a relationship without knowing that it will last, will you?

The sad news though, is that you can fall out of love and for reasons that might not be within your grasp. These are a few.

Change: We all go through different phases of life. And through it all, there is one constant and that is change. You and your partner will individually go through transitions and as a couple as well. Some might make you stronger, while some are likely to make you want to break out and run free.

Miscommunication: In order to grow as a couple, you need to keep all lines of communication open and should also be able to express yourself freely. “If you stop expressing yourself to your partner, there is likely to be a lot of internal conflict that could be very harmful in the long run,” says psychiatrist Anita Peters.

Different goals and ambitions: You don’t need to be in the same profession to understand each other’s career goals. However, it may get a little difficult if you are not even remotely on the same wavelength. For example, it may get difficult for a career-oriented person to be with someone who wants to settle down and have a family.

Life changes: This could be the biggest reason for a love falling out. You were two really good people who fell in love but found different paths in life. You’ll realise in the long run that letting go of a relationship when it is dwindling at the right time will probably save you a lot of heartache later.