Mike Tyson & Wack 100’s “Fight” Was A PR Stunt



News claiming Wack 100 got beat up by Tyson was releasedearly this week. Both of them took to their respective Instagram pages and added more fuel to the fire and claimed the reports were indeed true. They claimed the brawl occurred after Wack 100, who rarely holds his tongue, made negative comments about Tupac.

Wack later took to the ‘Gram and showed a prescription bottle for medication he claimed he needed to take after getting punched. Tyson said it was true but it turns out that the upcoming episode of Mike Tyson’s podcast is reportedly quite insightful.

A source claimed that the two like to stir things up a little bit and also pointed out that it’s interesting that people were really adamant about seeing Wack and Tyson scrap each other. A producer for the show, Fred Frenchy, responded for the demand for the footage on Instagram. “Anyone who thinks that it’s a positive thing releasing a footage of 2 black men over 40 fighting is totally insane,” he wrote on Instagram. “Y’all so quick to press play for these ignorant types of headlines but won’t promote the right things.” Adding, “In few days you will watch a great interview with @wack100 Whatever happened after that show isn’t for anyone else to see.”

Mike Tyson and Wack 100 didn’t fight after all, according to The Blast. Apparently, this whole thing was a giant PR stunt in promotion of the upcoming episode of “Hotboxin With Mike Tyson.” Sources close to the incident said that the podcast taping with Wack and Tyson was a great experience for all and neither Wack or Tyson fought or argued with each other.

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