Charlemagne Tha god calls DJ Akademiks A Snitch & Blames Him For 6ix9ine’s Arrest

Charlemagne Tha god believes DJ Akademiks Caused 6ix9ine’s Arrest and calls him snitch.

Charlemagne Tha god calls DJ Akademiks A Snitch & Blames Him For 6ix9ine's Arrest

Charlamagne Tha God sooke during a Breakfast Club interview and warned 6ix9ine that DJ Akademiks was bad for him. Well it seems that was true because majority of the evidence that the US District Attorney is using against 6ix9ine int he RICO case is videos that Akademiks posted on instagram.

Akademiks is one of the most popular people on Instagram when it comes to Hip Hop news. So without a doubt the Hip Hop Police are following him. The US Attorney already let it be known that Instagram post is being used as evidence in this case. New York rap veteran Mysonne also called Akademiks out for posting a video that showed 6ix9ine being part of a robbery.

Mysonne called Akademiks a bum who is only worried about hits and fake friend. What do you guys think, did Akademiks use 6ix9ine for fame and fortune for his own brand?

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#Charlemagnethagod Warned #Tekashi69 About Controversial Youtuber #DJAkademiks _ Tekashi69 has had one of the quickest rise and falls of any popular artist in recent times. DJ Akademiks proudly instigated all of 6ix9ine’s controversies on his YouTube channel. _ In less than a year of meeting the controversial Youtuber, the Brooklyn rapper is facing a federal indictment. _ Tekashi69 is facing racketeering and firearms charges. If convicted, the minimum sentence he faces is 32 years in prison. He faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. _ Charlemagne tha god eerily predicted 6ix9ine’s downfall during the rapper’s sit-down interview on @power1051 @breakfastclubam . He also suggested DJ Akademiks was not the best person for him to be around. _ “Akademiks gon get you hurt. I’ma tell you why,” Charlemagne said before 6ix9ine cut him off. _ Charlemagne continued, “I don’t dislike your music. I’m just concerned about you as an individual.” _ 6ix9ine disregarded Charlemagne’s concerns, saying, “I think you need to stop being so concerned for me, and be concerned for someone else.” _ Charlemagne then suggested that Akademiks should be more responsible with the content he posts featuring the now-embattled rapper. _ “Tell Akademiks to start posting that s**t instead of all the negative things you do,” Charlemagne said. _ Tekashi69 downplayed Charlemagne’s suggestion, and endorsed the Youtuber. _ “Akademiks is actually a good friend of mine,” 6ix9ine said. “Shout out Akademiks. He does his job.” _ Federal prosecutors have been building a case against the New York City gang since 2013. But most of the images they have included in their 17-page indictment include crimes committed in the past year. _ Federal prosecutors have used social media to build their case against the fallen rapper. DJ Akademik’s social media is currently being used in the indictment. _ Much of the crew’s crimes were heavily documented on DJ Akademiks YouTube channel. One of the images included in the indictment include a still from a video the media personality posted on his YouTube channel, showing the April 3 robbery of a rival gang member. _ Click link in bio for story

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