The Zealots – Sledge

The Zealots – Sledge mp3 download

The Zealots – Sledge mp3 download

The Zealots – Sledge mp3 download

The Zealots have released their new son titled Sledge. The album ‘Only Rocks Live Forever’ is our debut full length. Following up our EP ‘Broken Glass’ we had a lot of things we wanted to do differently. We recorded the new album ourselves and 99 percent [of it] live. We wanted to capture the energy of our live performance and get it to the listeners.

The title for the album comes from an old western saying ‘It’s not about how long you live, but how you live.’ This is big for us being artists! We don’t see results we would like to see sometimes or plans don’t always pan out. When you live by this motto those things don’t matter. All that matters is how you react to them and how you decide to live your life moving forward.

We encourage everyone to walk in their everyday lives with the same attitude. Doing this will take you to the place you wish to be most in life. It is an anthem for the ‘do it yourself-ers’, for those who wish to be the best they can be on this side of death. It’s a call to arms for all those who want to live a life with purpose. This album is a first for many of us in the band and we are very excited to walk it out with everyone that listens to this album.”

Listen to Sledge by The Zealots below.

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