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G-Eazy ft. Charlie Puth – Sober (Video)

G-Eazy ft. Charlie Puth - Sober (Music Video)

Watch G-Eazy ft. Charlie Puth – Sober (Music Video)

G-Eazy is back with The release of his Music video for Sober Featuring Charlie Puth and off his latest LP, The Beautiful & Damned. In the video we find young Gerald shifting rapping about indulging heavy drinking and drug usage before a twisted ending.

Gerald raps about alcohol-blurred evenings and regretful romances with a reference to The Doors. “I’m faded and I got a little sedated,” he admits. “I can’t believe we made it / Every night we celebrate it / I live like Jim Morrison, no telling where I’ll take it.”

Peep the visuals below;

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