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New Music: Mila J – La La Land

New Music: Mila J – La La Land

Download MP3: Mila J – La La Land

Mila J just premiered the latest single off her upcoming album Dopamine, and as you might have guessed, it’s about Los Angeles. While it shares a title with the faux-Best-Picture winner, the vibe is more blunts and beaches than City of Stars.

With a smooth piano progression reminiscent of Dr. Dre, the soothing melody is juxtaposed with claustrophobic percussion, creating an underlying sense of subtle tension

When you see the title of this song don’t immediately think of the Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling movie. Mila J actually wants to profess her love for the city of Los Angeles on “La La Land,” which is where she was born and raised in. Although the song might sound like a metaphor for a lover, she actually intends it to be for L.A. when she is not actually there and on the road. She actually misses the place that much.

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